37 Leadership Quotes That Will Inspire You

Character and personal force are the only investments that are worth anything.

-Walt Whitman

Character is, in the long run, the decisive factor in the life of individuals and of nations alike.

-Theodore Roosevelt

Be more prompt to go to a friend in adversity than in prosperity.


When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.

-Abraham Lincoln

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.

-James D. Miles

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.

-Henry Ford

You do not wake up one morning a bad person. It happens by a thousand tiny surrenders of self-respect to self-interest.

-Robert Brault

Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.

-David Star Jordan

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

-John Quincy Adams

Not the cry, but the flight of a wild duck, leads the flock to fly and follow.

-Chinese Proverb

One does evil enough when one does nothing good.

-German Proverb

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.


The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.

-Arthur C. Clarke

The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour.

-Japanese Proverb

The right to do something does not mean that doing it is right. William Safire

The time is always right to do what is right.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life by, and this you will become.

-James Allen

To conquer oneself is the best and noblest victory; to be vanquished by one’s own nature is the worst and most ignoble defeat.


To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice.


To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves.

-Will Durant

Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity.

-Colin Powell

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.

-John Dryden

We make the world we live in and shape our own environment.

-Orison Swett Marden

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.

-Mark Twain

Laws control the lesser man. Right conduct controls the greater one.

-Chinese Proverb

Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.

-Will Rogers

Nature magically suits a man to his fortunes, by making them the fruit of his character.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

-Abraham Lincoln

Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what’s right.

-Isaac Asimov

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.

-Oscar Wilde

Sow an act, and you reap a habit; sow a habit, and you reap a character; sow a character, and you reap a destiny.

-George Dana Boardman

Take care that no one hates you justly.

-Publilius Syrus

Don’t try to be different. Just be good. To be good is different enough.

-Arthur Freed

Every time I’ve done something that doesn’t feel right, it’s ended up not being right.

-Mario Cuomo


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