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7 Types Of Fitness Equipment Items To Enhance Your Exercise Routine

by Editor

If you don’t have a personal fitness trainer, chances are you’re either of the two:

Just casually winging it in the gym or… 

You’ve done your homework to find out your body type and the exercises that suit such type, and watched countless workout videos on YouTube —the whole nine yards.

But either way, wouldn’t you jump at a chance to enhance your routine and bring those muscles up to the surface faster with the right piece of equipment? 

Whether you’ve got a gym membership to take advantage of or a convenient mini gym set up at home, we know you’ll want to grab that chance. The right fitness equipment will make your routine more efficient, and speed up the results you’ve been wanting to see.

Now, there are tons of fitness equipment you can get online, even at the fitness shop near you, and choosing can quickly feel overwhelming. But the more important question is: 

Which one can really enhance your training especially if you don’t have the luxury of a personal fitness training service?

Well, here’s the list you’ll need! These are the ones you should use more in the gym or the ones you should add to your home gym setup if you don’t have them yet. And they’re all easy to use!

Cardio Training

  1. Treadmills 

The popular running machine is a staple in every gym setup for many reasons. But a better way to use it to enhance your routine is to build up a pace and speed that’s fast but comfortable for you. Although it’s primarily known as a piece of equipment for cardio, it’s also useful in toning your leg and core muscles. 

The best part is, you won’t have to dread those rainy days anymore. Rain or shine, you can do your cardio, no excuses!

Target muscles: core and legs (on an inclined setting)

Choose: treadmills with an incline setting

  1. Exercise Bikes 

Stationary bikes come in many types: stationary, recumbent, and spin bike. Exercise bikes are low-impact, and can be perfect if running is too much for you. If you have joint issues, these bikes are also a better option for cardio training since they put less stress on the joints. 

For better results, use these bikes with some resistance. Also, remember to position yourself properly and maintain a proper form while at it.

Target muscles: all lower body muscles

Choose: versatile models with adjustable resistance

Resistance Training

  1. Resistance Bands

These multi-use bands are a great alternative to resistance machines. They can also target more muscles, depending on your training. But perhaps what will convince you to get them is they’re cost-effective and can easily adapt to any fitness level. 

You can use them on your legs or your arms, or even to train your gluteal muscles. If you do butt exercises without equipment like glute bridge, clamshell, and fire hydrants, these bands will help create more resistance and enhance your training.

Targets: upper and lower body muscles

Choose: heavy-duty bands

  1. Fitness Balls

Like the bikes, fitness balls are also available in different types: the stability ball, slam ball, wall ball, and medicine ball. The best thing about them is they’re all versatile. You can use them as a free weight, to train your core, or to practice athletic movements. And that’s also why they’re perfect for building strength and athleticism too.

Targets: stabilization muscles; whole body

Choose: the right ball size according to your height

Weight/Strength Training

  1. Kettlebells Or Dumbbells

As a free-weight piece of equipment, kettlebells and dumbbells can be used to target any muscle. They’re useful when building strength and muscle tone. You can also use them to develop your core and improve your stabilization.

But what’s the difference? Dumbbells have a more even weight distribution, can only fit one hand at a time, and can be made with various materials. Kettlebells, on the other hand, have more weight at the bottom, may fit both hands, and are usually made of cast iron.

However, the more significant difference is in their weight displacement. This means both will load the target muscles differently.  If your routine involves more dynamic movements, the kettlebells may be the better option. But if you require more stability and want to move more weight, then go for dumbbells.

Targets: stabilization muscles; whole body

Choose: lighter weights if you’re a beginner; dumbbells with smooth handles that can fit both hands; rubber dumbbells with longer durability

  1. Gliding Discs

This unassuming pair of flat discs may look simple, but they can give you a full-body workout you’ll probably find challenging! They’re great for strength training and are quite compact and lightweight, so you can take them with you even when you travel. The discs that look like tiny frisbees have different textures on both sides, which will let you work on different surfaces.

Aside from helping build strength, gliding discs will also help to improve your endurance, flexibility, agility, and stability.

Targets: stabilization muscles; whole body

Choose: snap-resistant discs with cover

  1. Suspension Bodyweight Trainers

These trainers come in a set. Although models usually vary, they typically include adjustable straps with handles, and anchors that you can attach to mostly anything. The suspension will let you do bodyweight training mid-air and can help to tone any muscle you target.

Targets: stabilization muscles; whole body

Choose: wooden handles with durable straps that won’t slip

The Whole-Body Experience

Did you notice a common denominator among the items on this list? Well aside from the cardio equipment, they’re mostly:

  • Capable of targeting the entire body muscles
  • Portable and easy to stow/store
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Affordable

Cardio exercises help to build endurance by working out your heart and lungs, so they become stronger and more efficient. The stronger they are, the longer you’ll last in your workouts, and the faster you’ll achieve the results you want.

On the other hand, fitness equipment that can target all major muscle groups will benefit you in many ways. But primarily, a whole-body workout will activate your muscles and prepare them for training. So whichever muscles or areas you choose to target after, building them up will be easier. 

When you can engage your whole body, your routines become more efficient. And besides, don’t you just want to wake all your muscles up every time you work out? More importantly, if your entire body is regularly trained, you’ll be able to level up your intensity further, and build your strength for more workouts faster. It’s just a win-win fitness solution, all around.

Making The Most Of Your Fitness Equipment

Building a fitness routine sans trainer shouldn’t be a problem when you’re resourceful enough to keep learning and discovering new ways to improve your fitness routine

Now, to make the most of your home fitness equipment, look up the best exercises you can do with each piece of equipment. There are tons you’ll find online! Once you’ve found the perfect pieces of equipment for your routine, don’t be afraid to mix things up, especially when you feel like you’re hitting a plateau. But most of all, enjoy your fitness journey!   

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