How to Survive Your First Day at the Gym

You’ve finally made the decision to commit to working out and sign up for a gym membership. Congratulations on this initial step! The choice to start working out to get fit and to take care of your body is commendable. Not everyone has the courage to take deliberate actions for their health. 

However, before you take on your first day, be aware that some people may not be able to share your enthusiasm and instead, share with you their intimidating gym stories about bulky guys and fit women and how working out can eventually become exhausting after the first couple of weeks.

Ways to Survive Your First Day at the Gym

Before all of these stories start to cripple you, know that you can successfully get through your first day at the gym. It’s definitely normal to feel intimidated, especially if you’re a newbie. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t stop you from achieving your fitness goals. 

Heading to the gym for the first time? Here are ways to survive your first day.

Preparation is Key

Initially, it would be brilliant to have an idea what the gym looks like, how you’d approach your first day, the types of equipment you’ll be using, and the like. In other words, it’s important to set realistic expectations and come up with a strategic game plan.

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For instance, if you have been doing home workouts for a few months already, then you may look for an appropriate equipment to facilitate those exercises. If you have been running, then you can simply go for the treadmill. If you have been using light dumbbells at home, then you may gradually step up your game by opting for challenging ones.

Even if you have no experience when it comes to working out, that’s not a problem. You may watch and download your preferred workout videos and practice them in the gym. You may also take the time to read articles, such as the best inner chest workout from steel supplements, and similar ones to educate yourself further and help you get started. 

In addition, make sure to plan ahead and pack the gear you want to bring with you to the gym, such as your water, towel, and gym clothing. All of these can make a difference in helping you stay sharp and hygienic amidst those upcoming sweat sessions. 

Utilize all of this knowledge to prepare yourself for any hurdles that could come along your first session or even during your future sessions at the gym. Make sure to have a smooth, successful, and productive first day as this will set the tone for the following days. 

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Remember, although the first few gym days may be the most challenging, know that you’ll be able to overcome these with the right strategies and the right mindset.

How to survive your first day at the gym

Do Not Imitate Others

You may need to keep in mind that during your first gym experience, your insecurities may speak louder than you expect. You may see bulky men making grunting noises and fit women dropping these weights on the floor. Some may be doing all types of flexible movements while others are busy using heavy equipment. Nonetheless, know that these fears and insecurities are inside your head, and you can overcome them

Before you catch yourself imitating all these people, remind yourself to stick to your personal, fitness goals and game plan. Don’t overwork yourself or spend too much time in the gym during your first day. You don’t need to sweat aggressively to ensure that you’re burning off that fat. 

Instead, choose the kind of exercises that challenge you but aren’t too difficult. Keep in mind that more is not necessarily better. 

Hire a Personal Trainer

A trainer can observe and help you curate a fitness program that’ll help you achieve your goals within a specific time frame. They can also help you identify the types and sets of exercises you’ll be performing, how many repetitions per day you should be performing them, and support you in getting the most out of your sessions. Studies have also shown that a personal trainer can help change your attitude and thus increase your chances of continuing working out.

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Most importantly, your gym trainer can guide you in maintaining proper form. Keep in mind that focusing on proper form is crucial in preventing potential injuries. You wouldn’t want to be injured during your first session. As mentioned, the first day will set you up to have a more positive outlook for your future workouts. Listen to your trainer and focus on performing the exercises well.

Final Thoughts

Although the first day may be the most intimidating, bear in mind that you’ll be able to survive it by practicing the right strategies and mindset

There might be times that you may get too excited and train harder than what is healthy for your body to attain your fitness objectives. However, know that the gym isn’t a place to compete with others. It’s a place where you hone in your strength, build your stamina, gradually become fit, see yourself excel and ultimately, have fun. 

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