Why You Should Be Eating More Raw Food

You may have heard the hype about raw food, read the celebrity interviews, flicked through the raw recipe books, or watched a few YouTube videos. But what makes raw foods different from any of the other latest diet fads, and why should you give it a shot?

Unlike many of the other diet programs doing the rounds, eating raw is actually a very straight-forward and common sense way of eating. So read on for six reasons to introduce more raw foods into your world….

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6 Reasons You Should Be Eating Raw Food

1. Look Younger

Raw foods contain enzymes, which act as catalysts in the body and are essential for every chemical reaction to occur. They are present in every living thing, and are destroyed at temperatures over 42 deg C (118 F).

Enzymes are the main factor associated with aging, which is why raw fooders have a tendency to look younger than their years. The more enzymes we have in the body, the more we preserve that youthful appearance and attitude.

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2. Have a Stronger Immune System

When we eat cooked food, a phenomenon called leukocytosis occurs. Put simply, this is a low-grade immune response that the body puts into action when it wants to fight what it perceives as an invader.

When we eat foods without cooking them, leukocytosis does not occur. Thus the immune system can build up and get stronger, so when a virus is going around, the body is better equipped to deal with it.

In my family, we haven’t needed to see a medical doctor in over eight years.

3. Raw Food Tastes Amazing!

Many people are under the impression that raw food is boring and some kind of self-denial. In fact, it’s the reverse.

Because the food you’re eating is so healthy, you can eat candy, cakes and desserts without guilt. Raw foods are a very exciting and progressive cuisine: raw food chefs draw from favorites all over the word and interpret them with their own uniquely healthy twist.

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OK, I’ll admit, some dishes bear more resemblance to the originals than others. But whichever way you look at it, raw lasagna, pizza, falafel, burgers, noodles, curries, and breads are bursting with

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