Proven Ways to Increase Your Energy Naturally

Inspiyr recently spoke with Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, best-selling author and medical director of the national Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers. Dr. Teitelbaum shared natural ways to get more energy, how to find your true passion in life, and why the US government does not want us to talk about the benefits of natural health remedies.

How did you become so passionate about helping people fight fatigue, pain, and other health problems through alternative and traditional medicine?

Dr. Teitelbaum: Basically, the old-fashioned way – I came down with it. I was in medical school, and I got what I call the “drop-dead flu.” That triggered chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, and, it knocked me out of medical school. Since I was paying my own way, and no longer had work-study, scholarship, or loan – it left me sleeping in parks. So, I saw what it was like to be on the other side of the white coat – and it wasn’t pretty.

I was able to recover mostly because of what I learned from natural therapists that I met, interestingly enough, while I was homeless on the road. It was like God put a homeless holistic medical school sign on my park bench. Naturopaths came by, herbalists came by, all these different alternative practitioners. I learned what I needed to make it back into school, and I’ve spent the last 35 years researching the area. 

increase energy naturally

That’s quite a success story.  So… let’s start with fatigue. What do you think are the most important steps people can take in order to increase their energy levels, even if they’re not affected by any health conditions?

For anybody who wants increased energy, there are two key areas. There’s the physical area, where you have what I call the SHINE approach. That stands for Sleep, Hormonal Support, Infections, Nutrition, Exercise. Those are the 5 key areas. If those are taken care of, people find that their energy skyrockets. For those who don’t have severe fatigue – who just want more vitality – it’s a 3-step thing.

1. Feed your body, which means good nutritional support, a good multivitamin – most are not – and cutting out sugar would be a really good start.

2. Use your body. Go out and exercise, get some sunshine.

3. Rest your body. Get eight


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