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10 Powerful Ways To Stop A Bad Habit

bad habit

Lack of exercise. Smoking cigarettes. Biting your fingernails. Gossiping. Whatever habit you need to break, no matter how difficult it seems, know that it can be achieved. You can achieve anything with the right amount of willpower, support from the people in your life, and a realistic plan of action. Studies prove it takes anywhere […]

5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Doctor About Medication

your doctor

Medical professionals do not prescribe drugs casually. After an examination, diagnosis, and discussion of your symptoms, medication may be prescribed for good reason. Yet, it’s also important to realize that all drugs have side effects and nearly every medication has an alternative medication or lifestyle choices (diet and exercise, chiropractor, watchful waiting, etc) that may […]

What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Smoking

quit smoking - cigarette on ashtray

Do you want to quit smoking? If your answer is “yes”, you have improved health to look forward to. But you  need to know what happens to your body when you quit smoking in the short term. No matter how long you’ve been a smoker – whether 30 days or 30 years – your body […]

5 Ways to Have Good Posture

good posture

Gaining good posture is one of the most underrated ways to instantly change your appearance, and in time, your health. Standing straight and square makes you look fitter and taller (and it improves your alertness and vitality to boot). But the effects aren’t just skin deep; over time, maintaining good posture will help keep your […]

5 Surprising Triggers That Can Cause a Heart Attack

heart attack triggers

Heart attacks may seem like they come out of the blue, but most don’t. We know that clogged arteries are the root of heart attacks, but there is usually something else that triggers them. Here are some common yet surprising heart attack triggers. 5 Heart Attack Triggers 1) Traffic pollution Commuters beware: It turns out […]

Avoid These 4 “Triggers” To Stay Happily Married

Divorce bargain

When I found out that Tiger Woods had been cheating on his blonde bombshell-of-a-wife with about fifty different women, I was flabbergasted. He had a great career, lots of money, and a hot wife, so why would he do something so stupid? The simple truth is that there are several reasons why marriages fail; being […]

What Not To Eat: 15 Unhealthiest Foods On The Planet

unhealthiest foods

We all think we know which foods are healthy and which we should avoid, but do we really know why?  Besides the high fat content and low nutritional value, the world’s unhealthiest foods have some pretty dark secrets. Once you get the low down on the real reasons they’re a lousy choice for your health, […]

5 Cancer Causes Hiding in Your Home

cancer cause - medication

The United States has been fighting a high-profile battle against cancer since President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act in 1971. Since then, the $100 million that Nixon initially allocated to find cancer’s cure has transformed into a billion dollar industry marked by hundreds of annual fundraisers, stockpiles of pink merchandise and a nationally […]

3 Surprising Reasons You Should Shave Your Head

shave your head

In Western culture, baldness isn’t exactly something that men flaunt. As a matter of fact, it’s something that men vehemently combat – not physically – but with their wallets. The hair loss treatment industry is worth billions of dollars, and it has benefited immensely from the societal stigma of bald men. But is all of […]

7 Healing Foods That Boost Metabolism

fermented cabbage

With summer quickly approaching, now is the best time to start eating more healing whole foods that boost your metabolism and help you lose weight naturally without counting calories or doing extreme diets. What Are Healing Foods? Healing foods are naturally cleansing which is the key to effortless weight loss. Excess weight is the result […]

How to Save the Planet (With your Wallet)

Genetically Modified Food

Former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden once said, “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”  Truth be told, there are countless people out in the world who do good deeds on a daily basis and expect nothing in return.  No gold medals, no ‘atta boys,’ no […]

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