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Reasons Why Couples Get Back Together After a Rough Break-up

by Editor

Relationships can be magical when things are going well, but they can be a nightmare when things aren’t going as either of you liked. Some couples decide to call it quits, wanting to save themselves from any further pain or anger, whereas others will try and try again.

They’re not alone. With around half of couples that split up resolving to give their relationship another go, you wouldn’t be alone if you wanted to try again with your partner. Here are some reasons why couples get back together after a particularly rough break-up.


There are few circumstances when a couple amicably split. After all, if you’re happy with someone, you’re not going to spoil that by ending your relationship, are you? 

There are occasions when your partner may have the opportunity to do something that will set off a chain of events that will cause what you initially consider irreparable harm to your relationship. The more you’re near them, the more enraged you are at their betrayal to keep your relationship sacrosanct. However, the professionals behind say that time apart is a good way to see whether a relationship is worth pursuing. After the dust has settled, and you’ve had time away to think things through, you may consider things in a different light. 

Yes, they may have been totally stupid, but in the greater scheme of things is it something you can work through together? Although time doesn’t make you forget, it can give the opportunity to calm down and heal from any trauma. It’s at this point you’ll be in a better position to decide whether you can forgive your partner’s actions.

Alternatively, it may be you that’s done something wrong, knowingly or otherwise. It’s one thing to deliberately set out to harm your relationship or cause your loved one pain, but it’s another to do things without realizing what the outcome may be. Either way, the first thing you should do is apologize and do so sincerely.

Even if your partner chooses to leave, the fact you’ve genuinely apologized will stand you in better stead than arguing with them. Understand their feelings, if they want space, give it to them but try to keep the channels of communication open, without crowding them. 

Willingness to Work Through Things

Research has shown that people often choose to return to a relationship for several reasons. One is optimism, whereby one person believes the other will make changes to avoid the relationship going down the same path to splitting the two of you up. Another reason would be the time already invested in the relationship and a case of better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. It’s a case of being familiar with your partner’s ways, although there is that saying familiarity breeds contempt.

If there are children, or even pets involved, this may be enough to convince one of you to stay and work on things. No one wants to upset their children or cause them to move or possibly change schools. Pets are becoming an increasingly contentious issue, with both sides in a relationship willing to take the other to court for custody of them or it.

For those that have been with a partner for a considerable period of time or have developed an immediate bond, the fear of the unknown can also affect their decision to stay. Basically, those with some form of vested interest, whether emotional or physical, often are more willing to work through things


Love is a funny game as it has been repeatedly written. It can make you laugh, cry, hate, despair, and care, all at once. Once you experience love you know it because it’s a feeling like no other and is something you’ll never want to lose. You’ll work hard at maintaining and sustaining it because you know how precious it is. 

However, there are times when one-half of a couple needs a break, perhaps because they’re not sure of their feelings or feel your relationship is stuck in a rut. This is commonly known as the seven-year itch. No matter how painful it may be for you to do, you have to let your partner have some time without you at the very least to know what they’re missing without you. As the saying goes, ‘If you love something, set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.’

Relationships require work. It’s only when we separate that we often realize how much we love the person we took for granted. Some of us will try to repair the damage and go on having an even stronger relationship with our loved ones than before. How we try to repair the damage will often depend upon the reason for the separation. However, the reason we often choose to get back together is often the same: love. Whether it’s love for the familiar or your partner’s quirks, it still comes back to this four-letter word.

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