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Top Beauty Products (Cruelty-free, Vegan)

by Kristen Fisher

What are beauty products not only vegan but cruelty-free? Also when it comes to beauty there seems to be a misconception where it can lead to vanity. While Hollywood has shown us blockbusters where a heroine has fallen into that path. Yet, makeup can actually help someone embrace their self. Some see makeup as being able to use themselves as a canvas to express their mood that day. Or simply to highlight their natural features.

Below are some companies who aim to utilize makeup as a secret empowering force, rather than a power for evil. As Hollywood has so lovingly made beauty products out to be.

Adorn Cosmetics

This company has mineral makeup that is vegan! As stated on their website, guilt-free makeup, Adorn shows exactly what our skin craves. Nutrition and chemical-free!

A Girl’s Gotta Spa!

A personal favorite because, when the week comes to a close all you want is a spa day. Lo and behold, A Girl’s Gotta Spa! is the exact replica of treating yourself to a spa day in the comfort of your own home!

Bare Bones Body Care

Not only has this been a life saver, but Bare Bones Body Care has an excellent introduction to the website. Simply stated from the beginning “Started by a girl who was tired of the chemical crap.” Enough said.

Bedrock & Bloom

First off, we can not forget about our teeth! Those pearly whites don’t end up that way because we simply wake up each day. Instead, Bedrock & Bloom offers a natural way to keep your teeth healthy, shiny and above all else strong.

Clove + Hallow

Not only will you find the perfect shade of highlighter on Clove + Hallow, but you’ll fall in love with the fact that their products bring out your own natural features. You have high cheekbones, swipe a bit of highlighter of blush to really show them off. Clove + Hallow is about showing what you were born with not hiding or covering it up.

While that’s a small taste of the companies out and about and marching to their own drum beat. On Inspiyr we aim to show what products can help improve the environment, protect your skin, and most importantly help others be inspired. Why not have fun with a little makeup and continue on with your own beat!

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