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Tips to Be More Spiritual From Medium Gail Thackray

by Dan Cassidy
spiritual healer - child

You don’t have to tell us. We know already. You’ve got people. Lots of them. Friends, family, coworkers, your dentist. They’re all supporting you and wishing you lots of success in life. But guess what? Your team is bigger than you think. According to Gail Thackray, spiritual medium and healer, each one of us on this earth have a team of spirits watching out for us. People who have passed on to the next “realm” are out there, watching your every move…

spiritual healer - child

Scared yet? Don’t be. Your “team” according to Thackray, has your best intentions at heart and wants you to experience life to the fullest. They love it when you experience joy and hate it when you feel regret or have a bad day. How does she know? It turns out, she’s a mother turned business-woman turned spiritual healer, who only learned about her sixth-sense a few years ago. How’d that happen? Read on to find out…

Inspiyr: Tell us your story. How did you become connected to the “spiritual world”?

Gail: “Connecting with the spirit world happened very suddenly for me. One day I was normal, the next day I was with spirit. I had started doing Reiki – a type of energy healing – and a few weeks after the class I saw a psychic at an event. During this event, they asked people to walk around and pretend they could see spirits around each person in attendance. Well, I followed their direction, and started telling people who I saw. People were stunned – I was describing actual relatives and friends of each person who had passed away.

To me, I was just making this up, imaging them. But what happened was I had just suddenly awoke to the spirit world. I had no idea how I had done this, but I soon learned that there is this whole other world out there that most people only get a very small glimpse of.

What did you learn?

What people don’t realize is that we’re not in this life by ourselves. There’s all this help out there; spirit guides & loves ones out there, watching over us. I’ve learned that by tapping into the spiritual world, we can heal ourselves and other people. You can change things and manifest what you want in your life. This happened for me and completely changed my life.

After I discovered my spiritual side I heard about a man in a small town of Brazil, who people call John of God. Supposedly he was able to do spiritual healings and do medical miracles on people who had exhausted all their options from their regular doctor. I decided to visit John of God. That visit was life-changing.

Here is a man who will literally cut people open with a kitchen knife, without any anesthetic, and by doing so has cured people of cancer, help the paralyzed walk again, amongst thousands of other miracles. When you experience something like that, you’re changed forever. And I know what people are thinking when they read this; it’s crazy stuff. But if you can open your mind up to it, you’ll be amazed by what happens.

What can we learn from your story?

Well for one, we can use spirits to help us heal. People collect negative energy around us, which is part of life. We get angry and upset and these energies collect. The problem with this energy is that it ends up bringing us situations that we don’t really like; bad relationships, financial problems, poor health – it’s all a result of our energy. You can find a spiritual healer to help shift that energy so you’re more easily able to open up. You could do it yourself if you had enough trust and faith, through self-will and positive thinking but spiritual healers assist with that and can help you get rid of that negative energy that’s dragging you down.

When you’re open to spirit, things just flow easier and life is generally better.

How can we connect to our spiritual side?

gail thackray

A time we can feel more connected to spirit is right before bed at nighttime, or right when we wake up. If you can spend 10 minutes to quiet your mind and let your intuition work for you, you’ll start to see things that can get you where you want to go. We receive intuition all the time…we just don’t notice it.

Tonight, before you go to bed, try this: sit and have a conversation with yourself and talk to the spirits as if they’re there. Ask for help, ask for guidance, ask for whatever it is you’d like. Then, watch out for the signs. That’s the most important part. You see, we get signs all the time and we’re oblivious. These signs aren’t just random, they’re signs from your team who want to help! Now these won’t be a smack across the head, lightning strikes kind of a sign. They’re more subtle. Watch what you see in conversations, watch what comes up on the computer within a couple days after “asking” for help. Be more observant, get quiet, spend time really looking for the signs. I promise you, they’ll be there, you just have to look for them.

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Beautifully written and expressed. Inspiring article and subject .

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