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10 Facts That Can Improve Your Sex Life (and Shock Your Partner in the Sheets!)

by Audra Dittlinger

Sure, we all know the obvious health benefits that come with a healthy sex life, but each of our bodies react differently to sexual stimulation.

When it comes to sex, men and women each benefit on their own level, which makes our experiences that much more enjoyable.

I have compiled a list of sexual health tips, hints, and benefits of the mind and body that will improve your sex life, according to The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, an organization dedicated to sexual health research since 1947.

improve your sex life

What You Need To Know About Sex

1. It makes you and your partner feel empowered.

Initiating sex, as a man or a woman, does a few things. First off, it gives your partner the feeling of being desired, and girls, your partners want to feel that way.

Secondly, and perhaps the greatest reason, it gives you an immediate sense of empowerment and confidence. And if you’re confident in the bedroom, that concept will follow you into your daily life at work, home, and in public.

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2. There’s more to lube than meets the eye! 

Ladies, listen up! Lubricant is an essential key if you want to improve your sex life.

Using a good lubricant during sex can give you additional lubrication during sex, protect the vaginal walls, and be a great barrier between you and your vagina, as well as anything being inserted (toy, penis, finger, or condom).

By having a barrier in place, you’re protecting your vaginal tissue from being exposed to bacteria, inviting in the dreaded yeast or urinary tract infections.

Be sure you know what type of lubricant you’re using, and if you’re using a latex condom, be sure that the lube is compatible.

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3. Intimacy after sex is essential.

Sex is a natural way we communicate with our bodies. This type of intimacy is a very important part of how we communicate, allowing us to feel more fulfilled.

You know how you nice it is to cuddle with each other afterward? It’s because the buck doesn’t stop with the orgasm. The intimacy felt after sex is just as powerful as the deed, itself.

4. Decompress with some full body yoga…the naughty version.

Combining the mind and the body in an intimate setting allows you to engage more with your partner, which in turn de-stresses the body, allowing for free, intimate, and confident love-making.

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Sex is a great way to help your bodies and minds connect—a very rare opportunity in life (though it doesn’t have to be!)

5. Toys!

According to research, adding toys to the bedroom increases excitement in intimacy, therefore creating (again) a more open sexual relationship and communication.

Again, if you’re bringing toys into your sex life, be sure to use a good lubricant–both to act as a barrier and keep the bacteria away.

6. Catch those zzz’s.

A good night’s rest is essential to good health, right? Studies show that men who have sex before bed are able to relax and fall asleep faster, and have a more sound sleep. Most men report they’re “spent” after sex, and sleep much more soundly.

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7. The heart wants what it wants.

If you want a strong heart, improve your sex life. Studies have shown that those who have sex more than twice a week are far less likely to develop heart disease. Just as it’s important to keep your diet and exercise in tip-top shape, keeping your sex life active is just as important for the heart.

8. Let’s hear it for the boys—it aids prostate health!

Frequent orgasms may assist in preventing prostate cancer.  Studies are getting closer to an answer, but hey—who are we to stop you from trying to remain healthy?

Multiple studies reflect that as men orgasm, it keeps their prostate healthy. The link remains unknown, but it doesn’t hurt to try, huh?

9. It helps you unwind.

Work got you down? Stressed about your family life and work life, all on top of making ends meet? The perfect stress reliever lies with your partner.

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Frequent sex helps alleviate stress, so lean back, relax, and go at it!

10. Forget an apple a day (well, not really, but still).

Feeling crummy? Studies show that having at least two orgasms a week can assist in boosting a person’s immune system. Studies also show that two orgasms a week on a regular basis can actually add up to two years to your life!

The Takeaway

Whatever your preference—your spouse, yourself, or multiple partners—know this: there is nothing to be ashamed of by being in touch with your body. Knowing what feels good, and how to communicate that to a partner, is the way to improve your sex life. The health benefits to having sex are not only fun to keep in your back pocket, but are also fact that can help you make more informed decisions when it comes to the hanky in the panky.

The more confident you are, the higher you can wave that sexy flag. Remember: communication and consent are critical in all sexual encounters. Once you’ve moved past the fine print, have fun, communicate, don’t hold back, and most of all: remember to enjoy yourself! Now, go get a room already!


AudraAudra Dittlinger is a contributor for, as well as a full-time working mom living in rural Indiana. She is an insurance professional with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She writes to create, inspire, and empower.

Photo by Jennifer.Galea

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