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5 Surprising Ways You Can Heal Your Body Naturally

by Patrick Lerouge

We all know that the body heals, yet we take it for granted or we don’t trust it when we need to.

Once we make it past “paper cut level,” we think our body forgets how to heal. Then we start looking up illnesses frantically online. We lose faith that the body can heal anything.

We have to allow our bodies to do what it naturally does. Pain is a part of life, and we need to learn to respond to it, not react to it.

We must start having faith that bigger injuries and pains in our lives will go away just the same as the small cuts do, or it will just exacerbate the problem.

heal your body

So how do you heal your body?

There are many ways to eliminate pain, and every way can work as long as your heart is behind it.

How To Help Your Body Heal Itself

1. Remember that pain can sometimes be a good sign.

When we feel pain, our brain takes control and tries to figure something out. We begin thinking we have to look for something to fix our “broken” body.

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What is truly happening is the body is on the job and doing work most of the time. Pain might be a result of the body healing. It is not always an easy sensation, but it shows that the body is working on an area.

2. Get the emotional state under control.

You can’t heal your body if you’re stressed out. You need to relax. You can do this with some deep diaphragmatic breathing. This is something that needs to be practiced and can be taught by watching how a small child breathes.

It’s an inhale into the lower belly bringing your belly button into your spine with the exhale. This calms down your “fight or flight” response, without doing this no healing is possible.

3. Calm your mind and not get in the way of your body.

The best way to do that is with a clear plan. If you need to, seek some guidance to show you the steps to regain faith that your body can do it. Try to put it out of your mind—and stop looking it up on the internet!

4. Help your body along…gently.

Your body can heal anything, but you need to be a part of the process, which includes learning proper movements, exercises, and the right kind of self-care to incorporate into a routine that will give you the experience needed to set it and forget it.

Once you have a plan and follow it with complete faith, healing is easy.

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5. If you’re genuinely concerned, go to the doctor.

It’s great to let the body heal itself, but you shouldn’t ignore sharp, intense pains. If your pain just isn’t going away no matter what you do, go to your doctor to ensure that it’s not a more serious problem. As they always say, better safe than sorry!

The Takeaway

Your body is a very powerful thing. It can heal anything if it has the right resources and time. You just have to take a deep breath and trust it to do the right thing. Follow these tips to heal your body, and you’ll be on the way to recovery in no time!



Patrick Lerouge is a restorative specialist that gets people out of pain for the long term. Patrick’s unique ability to isolate the core problem in a patient situation has been honed over 13 years of practice. In 2006, Patrick established his own practice, Evolve Restorative Therapy, which teaches people how to live easier pain-free lives, physically, mental, and emotionally while restoring the human body to a younger, more vibrant person.

Photo by Riley McGhee

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