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Can You Handle the Top 5 Fun Runs in the USA?

by Michael Pascual

If you love the outdoors, some friendly competition, and exercising in a zombie costume (what?) you’ll want to try “fun runs.” The fun run craze is sweeping across the globe and it seems like every weekend there’s a new crazy theme.

Here’s a list of just a few of the zaniest, most challenging, and totally awesome fun runs that are out there right now.Fun Runs

Unleash Your Inner Crazy

1.   Color Run

Billing itself as “the happiest 5K on the planet,” the Color Run is one of the best family-oriented runs in the country. Participants start the race wearing white t-shirts and are doused with harmless, organic food coloring at each kilometer marker. The finish line boasts a “color extravaganza,” where runners are covered with dye from head to toe, followed by food and music festivities.

2. Night of the Running Dead 5K

Run only once a year around Halloween and in a different place each time (most recently Sandy, Utah), this run is for the ghoulish at heart. The premise is that just after dusk, the “human” runners begin the course 2 minutes ahead of the “zombie” runners, making the track look like a chase scene from any zombie movie or TV show. A 1-mile “Creep ‘n’ Crawl” walk precedes the run for those who wish to show off their costumes.

3. Skirt Chaser 5K

Just as the name suggests, this race gives lady runners a 3-minute head start before the men take off and try to catch them. The block party afterwards is sponsored by Skirt Sports, which displays its latest products at the post-chase fashion show. Games and Music are featured and of course, mingling between the sexes is highly encouraged.

4. Run for Your Lives

The zombie apocalypse is upon us in this 5K nightmare! Runners are given a flag belt with 3 “life flags.” During the race, volunteers playing zombies will block your path, chase you down, and try to steal your flags. Crossing the finish line with at least one flag intact will earn you a survival medal. Finishing with zero health flags means you have been transformed into one of the undead and you will receive an infected medal to symbolize your transformation.

5. Tribal Run

A relay race like you’ve never seen before. The “tribes” that participate in this race (4- to 8-person teams) will run through the night and cover approximately 120 miles. The course is arranged in 3 “trail loops” and every tribe member must run each loop at least once. The race begins at dusk and ends at sunrise. Between relays, the resting runners are entertained by tribal drummers, dancers, and cheering spectators.

The Finish Line

Many of these fun runs raise thousands of dollars for charity causes, so the registration fees are well worth it. Whether you love dressing up, escaping zombies, or getting pelted with dye there’s a fun run out there for you. Teamwork and socialization are the whole point of these events so meet as many fun-loving people as possible. The best part is on top of having a blast and making friends, it turns out you’re getting a pretty good workout too!

Photo by memories_by_mike

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