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How to Get Organized in the New Year

by Justin Klosky
how to get organized - rubber made blue

Do you want to get organized in the New Year?

Since you should be finished running around like crazy trying to get all of your hoilday gifts purchased, there’s no better time than now to get organized in 2014.

Here’s 5 ways to get organized in the New Year, and beyond.

how to get organized - rubber made blue

5 Steps to Get Organized for 2014

Pick one space in your home that you know would make a difference in your life if it were properly organized. Most people’s top choice would be their closets. If you want to tackle getting your closet organized while keeping a weight goal in mind, listen to this.

1. Clear your space

Take everything out of your closet and put it on your bed. This is the appropriate time to treat yourself to brand new hangers, as staring at new hangers will automatically inspire you to create a new system for yourself.

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2. Sort into piles

Now that your closet is lined with brand new hangers and all of your clothes are on your bed, start making piles on the floor of your room by items you want to donate or sell (let’s be real – you know what these items are, so don’t waste time debating), items that you wear and look great in, and items that you’re dying to look good in again; yes people these are your skinny clothes!

3. Donate what you can

Take all of the donated or to be sold items and put them into bags, as well as any trash. Take them out of your room and into your car or bring them immediately to a donation center so they’re out of sight and out of mind. Make sure to do this before any organization is even done, that way it’s less distracting for you.

Yes, you may come across some more items that you realize you want to donate, but don’t worry too much about that, as donation trips can always be made again.

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4. Start fresh and organized

Now it’s time to organize for the New Year and the new you. Start putting items back into your closet, by frequency of use. You’re going to want to keep like items together: tanks, shirts, long shirts, blouses, dresses, workout pants and gear, suits, etc.

Organize by color and make sure that you can see everything in your closet. If there is too much stuff still and your closet rods are sagging, make some tough decisions and get rid of more stuff.

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5. Get motivated

Now the best part…start adding some of those skinny clothes in with your regular clothes. This will be motivation for you to continue with whatever exercise regimen you are on so when you’re going to pick out another outfit in a couple of weeks to a month… BAM! You’re sporting that sexy-ass piece of clothing looking all fly!

Just remember that discipline is key. So throwing things on the floor or in your closet and not placing them on designated hangers won’t cut it. Take the extra couple of seconds and hang things up where they go and you’ll only have to spend a couple of minutes a week tidying up your closet.

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The Takeaway

You can get organized for the New Year in just a few simple steps. Clear your space, sort it into piles, get rid of stuff you don’t love, organize what’s left, and stay disciplined. It sounds simple, and it can be, but you’ve got to do it, and then stick with it, if you want to enjoy the rewards of a more organized space and a relaxed new you.


Justin-Klosky-2013-2Justin Klosky is founder of the O.C.D. Experience helping high-end clients get control of their lives. Justin’s first book Organize & Create Discipline: An A-Z Guide to an Organized Existence is being published by Penguin at the end of 2013.

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