INFOGRAPHIC: The Key To Academic Success, And How To Get It

Are you in school?

Perhaps you are, or you have a loved one in school. Either way, many of us know that sometimes, learning can be a struggle – especially with the ever-growing pressure of getting a good grade and a high GPA.

In fact, often there’s so much pressure that we forget what the purpose of education is: to learn. After all, how could we remember when your educational value is placed so heavily on your grades instead of what you know?

As a result, many don’t do as well in school. So what is the key to academic success?

Happify nailed it in this infographic. The key, they say, is grit.

But what is grit? How do we as students attain it? And how can we apply it in our everyday lives?

Learn all this and more with this sweet infographic.

academic success

Featured photo by Fort Worth Squatch

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