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Want To Achieve ALL Of Your Goals? Here’s What You Need To Do.

by Steve Saunders

The ever popular saying, “No pain, no gain” not only applies to fitness…it also holds true in other areas of life. Whether it’s the five stubborn pounds we try to work off or an urgent project deadline, stress is bound to occur in both cases.

The good news is that same determination we count on to achieve our fitness goals can be seamlessly applied to the business world. Whether you want a promotion or to lose ten pounds, here are five tips to turn your goals into results.

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How To Achieve Anything

1. Focus.

Do not underestimate the power of a distraction, especially ones that sidetrack you from your goals. Keep in mind that a fast food restaurant’s bright billboard can entice you in the same way poor time management can mess with your productivity.

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Sometimes we become even more prone to distraction by not taking our goals seriously. It is important to invest your time at the office and the gym. Instead of trying to lose 10 pounds, try going for 15; Instead of meeting a sales quota, try to set a new record. As long as you have your eye on the prize, you can power through any distraction.

2. Accountability.

Assign yourself 100 percent responsibility. While it is common to seek perspective from a coworker on an assignment, or a trainer on a new workout, remember that you are the only person who can accomplish your goals.

In any case, we have more control than we think. Put matters into your own hands and make a schedule, set priorities and get the job done. Promise yourself you’ll reach your sales numbers in the office, and set aside an hour for exercise at the gym. Regardless of where you are, ensure you are doing everything you can.

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3. Persist without exception.

The idea of settling should always make you uncomfortable. Most of the time, it takes reaching your limit for a new opportunity to present itself.

If you are trying to lose 10 pounds, don’t be satisfied with only losing five. If your coworkers aren’t responding well to your new ideas, don’t let that stop you from coming up with more. Be committed to your own self-improvement.

4. Exceed results.

Ask difficult questions, and don’t be afraid of hearing the answer. Oftentimes, we find that we are reluctant to critically assess ourselves because the truth can hurt.

You can put in overtime, but still discover you are not setting the bar high enough for yourself. You may have people complimenting your physique, but still realize your goals are too easy to accomplish. By getting past this, the results will make the pain worth it.

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5. Have a true sense of urgency.

Treat every day at the gym like it’s your New Year’s resolution. Even if everyone around you seems to be losing his or her dedication, do not follow suit. The same attitude also applies to work. Attack those to-do lists and run through your responsibilities. Staying busy isn’t enough, work with purpose and always take action.

Instead of taking the reactive route and waiting for challenges, you can be ahead of the game and challenge yourself. There are many components behind success and achieving your goals, but it is also important to follow a distinct formula to achieve greatness wherever you are.


steve saundersSteve Saunders is a world-renowned fitness expert and Founder and President of Power Train, a sports performance-driven fitness concept founded in 2001.

Photo by hannah martin

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