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8 Tips for Planning, Preparing, and Packing for a Move

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What may initially appear to be a molehill of a move might actually be a mountain, especially if you have your sights set on a cross-country location. However, no matter no small (or how big) your relocation project is, there are countless elements to consider when planning, preparing, and packing for an upcoming move. 

Will you do all the packing and moving or hire a professional service? Where will you make time in your pre-move schedule for address changes and booking Wifi installation services?

Note that these are but a few of the questions that will greet you come move-in day. Once you’ve swapped a for-sale sign for a sold sign, prepare for a swarm of high-priority decisions to arrive. With every decision made and question answered, you’ll have a direct say in how easy or difficult your move across state lines can be.

Decide between a professional car transportation service and driving your vehicle across state lines yourself

If a long-distance move is in your future, you may need to move your vehicles across state lines. This process can be challenging if you are trying to handle all of your moving on your own, which poses the question: Do you need car transportation services from state to state, or will you drive your vehicle to its final destination? 

If you’re riding solo on your relocation project, driving a moving truck and your vehicle simultaneously will prove impossible. In situations like these, some individuals will prefer to use a professional car transportation service to ease their mind during this busy day. 

Start a moving folder to keep all critical information in one place

When moving house, the list of decisions to make can quickly reach overwhelming lengths. By starting a moving folder (or binder or notebook), you can keep all of this critical information in one place. 

This folder can hold any information you need to reference before or during your big move. For example, you can create a timeline of tasks that need to be done or save all your moving receipts for tax purposes. 

Change your address and transfer your utilities to the new home 

Changing your address can sometimes take a few days to take effect, especially when switching mailing addresses and utilities. Contact your local post office and have your mail forwarded to your new home after your move. 

To set up power, gas, and water services, you’ll need to contact utility companies ahead of time. Even installing your cable television and internet connection will require a service technician, so be sure to set these up before you are stuck without services once you move. 

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Start collecting boxes and other packing supplies 

Some people prefer to gather free boxes and packing supplies, while others purchase new boxes and packing items from a moving company or other service. 

No matter which route you choose, you will want to start collecting boxes, tape, packing paper, or other supplies as soon as you can. By doing this, you won’t be scrambling right before the move to find things you need. 

Decide if you want to use a professional mover or enlist the help of friends and family 

Some individuals will prefer to pay for a professional mover to help them relocate. In other cases, families on the move may not have the wiggle room in their budget for this service. As a result, they’ll need to uproot their family (and their growing stacks of personal belongings) themselves—with the help of a few pairs of helping hands. 

Using a professional moving service can be costly, depending on how large your home is and how far you need to go. Although wrangling in a group of muscular friends is the more inexpensive option, professionals can ensure your big move goes off without a hitch. 

 In some cases like when you’re moving overseas, employers offer global relocation service that includes accomplishing immigrations requirements, transport of household goods and making housing arrangements to name a few to help with moving expenses and ensure a smooth transition.

Declutter your home, so you have less to pack and move 

Before you pack your life into boxes, go through your home and purge any unnecessary clothing and items you don’t need or use. This decluttering tip will help cut down the amount of stuff you’ll need to pack for your move. 

To slash the number of personal belongings even further, host yard sale or donate any items you do not want before you pack. This way, you will have a fresh start in your new place without the hassle of unpacking a bunch of stuff you do not use or need. 

Pack out of season items or things you rarely use first

When you start packing, it is easiest to begin packing the items you rarely use first. From Christmas decorations to seasonal clothing, get these things packed up and out of the way. 

You can slowly work toward packing up almost your entire home a week before you move. Should you choose to adopt this approach, label each box carefully for quick insights into what it contains and where it goes. 

Essentially, you’ll want to pack up everything except a move-day box that will include all the essentials. 

Get a pet sitter or babysitter for the big move 

If you are moving with animals or children, having someone watch them on moving day can make the process go smoother. This way, you do not have to worry about walking your dog or feeding your kids while in the middle of unloading a truck. 

Even having a friend or family member distract your restless little ones can make all the difference as you direct movers and plant new roots in your brand-new home. 


When you properly plan, prepare, and pack for your move, the process will be less stressful, and you will move homes more efficiently. Without making the necessary preparations, run-of-the-mill relocation stress can spiral out of control quickly. 

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