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8 Recommended Jobs for Retirees Returning to the Workforce

by Editor

Retirement welcomes a newfound freedom and leisure time into one’s life, but not everyone is content to hang up their spurs for good. Some retirees may find that they miss the workforce and wish to return.  

Working in retirement can flesh out your bank account and put your boredom to bed. That said, working in retirement might change your tax situation, as well as Social Security and Medicare benefits. Be sure to check your Ps and Qs before depositing your first paychecks. The last thing you want is to lose your health insurance over a part-time gig. 

Red tape aside, if you’re ready to fall back in the saddle, here are eight highly recommended jobs for seniors returning to work. 


If you’re looking for a job that allows plenty of flexibility and doesn’t require working with other people, then consider driving. You can work as a self-employed contractor for companies such as Uber, Lyft, or taxi services. Additionally, some companies hire retirees for food or package delivery jobs. These contract-style jobs are an excellent option for those looking for a little extra cash without too much commitment. 

Retail job

Many retirees find that working in retail is a perfect fit. You can often work part-time hours, which allows you to pick your schedule around other activities. It’s typically easy to select hours in the morning or the evening. You can also work on weekends, depending on your employer’s requirements. 

Real estate agent

If you’re interested in real estate, consider becoming a real estate agent. Here’s another job that you can do part-time, and it allows you to pick your schedule. Real estate will enable you to reap the benefits of your newfound free time without sacrificing lucrative opportunities.

You’ll meet interesting people daily, which keeps the work fun. Many of your clients will have children, so you’ll find this work enjoyable if children make you happy.


If you enjoy working with numbers, consider becoming a bookkeeper. It’s a career that’s perfect for someone who enjoys working with numbers and staying organized. Working as a bookkeeper doesn’t require previous experience. Instead, it’s based on your ability to perform the job well.  

Bookkeepers work in all types of businesses as they ensure that financial records remain accurate and timely. Your work will provide owners with information about their business finances so they can make good decisions about company expenses.

Park ranger 

If you enjoy working outdoors, consider becoming a park ranger. Park rangers work at parks to protect the environment and wildlife. 

As a park ranger, you’ll provide information to visitors about local points of interest with historical or other significance. You’ll also offer information about plant and animal life at the park, as well as upcoming events. 

Pet sitter 

If you have pets or enjoy working with animals, consider becoming a pet sitter after your retirement. Working as a pet sitter gives you flexibility since there aren’t any set hours. Your clients simply leave you notes about their pets’ needs and feeding schedule. 

A pet sitter gig also provides plenty of breaks during the day when your energy levels become low. If you’re the animal-loving type, this entry is perfect for you. 

Provide child care 

If you enjoy working with children, consider becoming a nanny or providing daycare services after you retire. Working as a nanny is another job that offers plenty of flexibility, and it’s good for retirees who want to work part-time hours. 

Working as a nanny or daycare provider allows you to spend time with children and ensure they’re safe while their parents go to work. It’s also an opportunity for retirees who want to meet new people, including the families that hire them for child care services. 


Freelancing is another career choice for retirees to consider. It’s a popular option because it offers flexibility and freedom to set your hours. You’ll find plenty of work opportunities because so many companies look for freelancers to perform tasks. Freelancing gigs can encompass anything from graphic design to writing to video editing, so explore your talents and find the niche for your skills. 

Wrap up

Your golden years might be full of golden opportunities if you’re looking to go back to work. With these job recommendations, you’ll be on your way to a fulfilling retirement that doesn’t require you to sit at home all day. 

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