5 Gifts To Cool Down This Summer!

We went from Winter straight into Summer, and the majority of us are already feeling the heat. Between going from wearing coats to now trying to stay as cool as possible, some necessities will be needed. Although, what fantastic items are available, you may ask? Check out below!

Cool Down This Summer

1.) Instant Cooling Towel

After a workout, yoga, or on a hot day has a refreshing cooling sensation within reach is advisable. The Instant Cooling Towel does the job easily. By providing the necessary refreshing “cool off” on those ridiculously hot summer days. You can even wear this as a bandana and it has a UPF rating of 50. So while being out in the sun, wrap this towel around your shoulders at the beach to protect you from harmful UV rays. With a guaranteed 5-star rating, you’ll want to grab a handful.

2.) HvDrink Water Bottle

This stainless steel water bottle can keep your water or any cold beverage, cold for up to 24 hours. Or if you’ve decided to drink coffee in 80-degree weather, hot. This bottle is designed to not break or leak! In a world where everyone is trying to cut back on plastic, this water bottle is the correct answer to replacing disposable material. Instead of buying more plastic, just refill with HvDrink!

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3.) Zone Tech Black Cooling Car Seat Cushion

Who doesn’t want a cooling seat cushion as they get into their car? We are fairly sure, numerous summer memories can boil down to getting in an overly hot car and waiting for the a/c to run full blast. This 2-pack offers sustainability by keeping the seats from cracking and fading. With a universal fit, temperature control, and easy to use.

4.) UV Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves

Sometimes you come across an item, you had no idea you needed. This is one of them. If you know anyone or you yourself are an avid sports individual, constantly in the sun, please save your money on sunscreen and check out these cooling arm sleeves. The sleeves block 98% of the sun’s harmful rays and the style was made based on protection & comfort. For added comfort these sleeves are seamless, so no itching will occur.

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5.) Pet Cooling Gel Pad

Our pets need to cool down in the summer too! Don’t forget about your best friend when it comes to rises temperatures. This non-toxic gel pad allows your pet to cool down comfortably as well as, being easy to transport from place to place. For both dogs and cats, this pad also wicks away moisture to keep the surface dry.

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