3 Ways To Convince Yourself That You’re Good Enough (Because You Are!)

We each have strengths, no matter how obscure.

We also have self-worth. It’s both that keep us aiming higher.

The heights of our aspirations are stunted only by the lack of trust and belief we have in ourselves. If we don’t think we’re good enough, then it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. We won’t achieve.

When you don’t hold yourself in high regard, you lack that trust and belief. That not-good-enough can gradually grow into bigger and worse difficulties. It can lead to terrible possibilities.

good enough

Why You May Feel You’re Not “Good Enough”

How does one run out of good enough? Is there a total allotment or a bucket we fill and empty?

Good enough depends on situations, history and personality. You may not think you’re good enough or you may not believe it. Moving toward full life satisfaction is a good indicator you know you are, while insecurity and anxiety aren’t.

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Feeling not-good-enough occurs when bad things catch up. Multiple failures increase it. Too much can become an unbearable weight. It can lead us, unconsciously, to treat ourselves with less regard and let us believe we deserve to be dismissed or worse.

3 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Allowing detriment to escape personal misery doesn’t remove us from our negativity. Awareness, social connections and appreciation can boost recognition of your worth and keep you away from compiling despair.

1. Be aware & be positive

Awareness and self-acceptance, every day, can avert withering self-worth. Appreciation, over deflection, in receipt of praise takes awareness.

We aren’t always at our best and we make decisions we regret. It’s difficult to change how we do things and it’s easy to overlook unimportant things.

However, small things add up and big things collect those little things to become bigger. Negatively misfiling situations allow them to accumulate self-regard that minimizes you.

Since little things are the practice for big things, challenge yourself to become aware of your interactions. Practice altering them from negative to positive.

Example:  “Did you lose weight?”

Negative:  “No, but I really need to!”

Neutral:    “No…I’ve been thinking about it though.”

Positive:   “I didn’t, but you’re sweet to say something so nice.” (To yourself – “That reminds me how good it feels to be fit.”)

The last option holds no deflection, leaves a positive residue, and potential motivation toward healthy possibilities. It also leaves the person who said it with a warm fuzzy and an increased chance to perpetrate this type of talk again…spreading more goodness.

This is an excellent self-worth protector which elevates you and another and leaves the possibility for more.

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2. Be social

Another possibility, and the result of a decade of study, is social connectivity.

Try this: with you in the center, draw a spoke from you to represent each person you know that positively supports you. This wheel of sustenance carries you through life.

The more spokes you have, the smoother your ride. Without enough, movement can be thwarted.

Social connections, when utilized well, can bring you through life’s difficult times. Our circles overlap, grow and alter throughout our lives.

We connect through family, friends, school, activities, vocation, neighborhoods, communities and other facets. We also connect universally online, offering exponential options.

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3. Be thankful

One more way to build your good enough is daily gratitude. Thankfulness, on purpose, moves you into a gracious realm.

Some write good things in bedside journals. Some post pics of favorite moments to social or personal sites. Some verbally review things that went well, with a loved one.

The idea is to acknowledge, pay homage and grow gratitude gardens each and every day. It also aids fruitful sleep!

The Takeaway

Don’t get down on yourself. Track your gratitude, connect with others in positive ways, see the best in yourself, and know that you truly are more than good enough.


shelley renziShelley Renzi is a budding new writer from little Rhode Island. She is studying to be a Wellness Coach and is moved to share things that have helped her grow gratitude gardens.

Photo by ja.fa

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