Meditation And Our Bodies

Meditation isn’t just for spiritual connections, but it also allows us the opportunity to understand our self better. Being able to understand our bodies allows us to handle daily stress better than most and allows for a greater increase in our self-worth and self-compassion in order to care for our whole self. Through meditation, our body communicates with our mind. We are able to have the thoughts float through our brain and take inventory on how that is making us feel and acknowledge that feeling and choose our reactions, which is helping us to increase our control over how we respond to emotions.

Increases Focus and Concentration

When we meditate it calms our body and minds from our racing thoughts, so we are able to focus more on the day while in meetings and completing tasks. When our minds are on complete overload we lose sight of being able to care for our own needs because we are on thought overload.

Regulates Mood

Meditation increases your serotonin levels, this is the neurotransmitter that regulates our mood, energy, and appetite. When our serotonin levels are good this can decrease anxiety and depression. When our Serotonin levels are high our body stress response remains in a state of fight, flight or freeze which causes us to neglect practicing self-care.

Handle Stress Better

I’m sure many of need support in this area especially in this day and age we live in with social comparison, working hard to build the life we want, building businesses and more. Meditation opens up your body and mind and allows you to have an increase in patients by being in a state of calm. When your mind and body is calm you are resetting your brains response to stressful situations, which allows you to have an increased self-awareness to be able to identify your triggers and establish healthy coping skills. “

BIO of Lakiesha

As a leader within the Mental Wellness arena, Lakiesha Russell, LPC is representing the face of Mental health and therapy to audiences in her community. Lakiesha understands that in order for individuals to Evolve into their best self in order to live their best life they need to begin to heal and break cycles. She is dedicated to breaking down the shame and eliminate the fear surrounding all topics associated with mental health. Lakiesha is the founder of The Evolving Chair Counseling and Consulting Agency in Milwaukee and hosts a weekly podcast The Evolving Chair Podcast which highlights the importance of the need to be healthy physically, mentally and spiritually and understanding how all three work together. Lakiesha coins herself as America’s Mental Wellness Ambassador because our mind is our strongest muscle. She lives by her quote, “Your thoughts are the seeds of actions. Your actions become habits, so what habits are you seeding?”. Lakiesha is also an advocate for #melaninmindsmatter and #kidsmindsmatter. You can connect with Lakiesha through email at [email protected] or Facebook [], Instagram [], Twitter []

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