How to Network Like a Millionaire

The recipe for financial success has many ingredients. Some ingredients are more important than others. But there is one ingredient that all wealthy people put in their success recipe all the time and in abundance: fanatical attention to developing strong, long-lasting relationships.

network like a millionaire

Building valuable relationships is one of the cornerstones to financial success. Relationships must be nurtured, every day, if you hope to become financially successful. You must treat relationships like gold. They are the currency of the wealthy. Each strong relationship is like money in the bank.

You must build credits and make deposits into this relationship bank account, just as you would in your financial bank account. The more deposits you make (the more you reach out to help or communicate with your relationships) the larger your account grows and the greater the likelihood that one or more of your relationships will drop opportunity luck into your lap.

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Wealthy people are master networkers because they have learned that accumulating wealth and networking are mutually inclusive. You cannot create wealth with poor networking skills. Good networking skills create opportunities that absolutely will translate into more customers or clients and, of course, more money.

If you are seeking more income you must develop good networking skills and process networking into your life on a daily basis. You simply cannot become rich without good networking skills. Those who fail to grasp this truth are relegated to getting by in life. If you want to become wealthy learn how to network.

Four strategies wealthy people use to network effectively

1. Happy Birthday Calls

Wealthy people reach out to their contacts and their families on their birthdays. At a minimum, happy birthday calls keep your relationships on life support by requiring you to reach out to your relationships at least once a year. After a few years approximately 20% of your relationships will begin to reciprocate.

I call it the reciprocal happy birthday call. The reciprocal happy birthday call takes your relationship off life support. It’s an acknowledgement that your contact values the relationship enough that they feel compelled to invest in it by calling you on your birthday.

2. Hello Calls

Wealthy people call

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