Family Fitness Tips: 6 Ways to Get in Shape with Your Kids

The school year is here and that means busier, bustling days.

We interrupt our regularly unscheduled summer vacations of carefree bonding with kids and return to the structure of school programs and extra-curricular activities.

It’s a sluggish notion to get back into the routine knowing there are few moments to spare for space, connection and fitness. Fitting in physical fitness is a challenge but doesn’t have to be a long laborious ‘to do’. Physical stimulation every day, together as a family releases stress and promotes mindfulness on the myriad of things grasping at our attention whether it’s calculus or dinner prep.

family fitness tips - jumping jacks

Start the habit now and take breaks as a family. These family fitness tips allow you to strengthen the muscles and mind while increasing focus and having a little fun.

Think of them as mini vacations to keep the togetherness throughout the school year without the sunscreen. It’s a fun way to connect and keep healthy and strong.

6 Family Fitness Tips to Get in Shape with Your Little Athletes

1. Homework hijack

Take a break between homework subjects for a race around the block, the house, or up and down the staircase. Do several ‘laps’ or up to three minutes for heart strengthening cardio and stress release. Or, stay in the living room and do a hundred jumping jacks.

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Every time you and your kids commit to race or jump, the kids get a gold star.

Do this every school night and the kid who accrues the most stars by the end of the week gets a free pass from chores for a day. If all the kids take part each day, they get a free healthy treat at your favorite yogurt shop or earn credits toward a movie night with friends (be clever with the prize and make if fair for all siblings so no one feels like they ‘lose’.)

2. Hot couch potato

During TV hour and after homework, let the commercial break be an opportunity to engage in some family fun.

Each time a commercial break comes on during your favorite show (about 2-3 minutes, 3-4 times a half hour show), take your feet hip distance apart on the

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