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Why Arguments Are Good For A Relationship (If You Follow These 4 Steps)

arguing couple

*+-Within romantic relationships, arguing is seen a bad thing. But is it, really? Of course, arguments feel terrible, and no one wants to argue. But although arguments may revolve around sensitive subjects, addressing issues and communicating problems can actually strengthen your relationship for both you and your partner…if you do it the right way. How Arguments […]

5 Reasons Warm Weather is Good For Your Health

warm weather - health benefits

*+-Are you a snow-lover, or a beach-bum? There’s lots of reasons you may prefer warmer weather over the cold. But one thing you may not have thought about is how the weather where you live affects your body. As it turns out, climate and temperature can have a big impact on your health. And while […]

The Surprising Link Between Exercise and Your Memory

brain exercise - yoga

*+-You already know that doing physical activity helps develop strong and healthy bones and muscles, but are you aware that exercise improves your memory as well? How Exercise Improves Memory Identifying the benefits of exercise on your memory is a great place to start, but further learning exactly how and why exercise benefits your memory […]

How to Eat Paleo Like a Caveman

Caveman holding food tray

*+-Do you want to learn how to eat paleo, but aren’t sure what foods are good to eat on the latest health-craze diet? See what the paleo diet is all about, how you can go paleo, and why you should start eating like a caveman (or, cavewoman) to be healthier, leaner and fitter. What is the […]

7 Tips For Leaving a Professional Voicemail Message

business woman

*+-In today’s world of gadgets and gizmos, virtual communication has blurred the lines between casual jargon and professional communication. By following these tips for leaving a professional voicemail message, you will be sure to present yourself in the best light. The Right Way to Leave a Voicemail 1. Assess your surroundings Noise in the background of […]