8 Tips On How to Drink Alcohol, Guilt-Free (Almost)

‘Tis the season for backyard barbecues and hot dogs at the ballpark…and that often goes hand in hand with alcohol.

Whether it’s a cold beer or a summery cocktail, drinks can be so nice in the summer.

But don’t let the increase in excitement cause an increase in calories. Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean no drinking at all!

When celebrating in the summer sun, consider low-calorie alcoholic beverages to enjoy, guilt-free.

One Drink Won’t Hurt…Right?

Wrong! Most summer cocktails and concoctions have loads of sugars and syrups, causing the calorie count to skyrocket. An average Long Island iced tea is a whopping 780 calories; that’s 780 extra calories added to your daily caloric food intake.

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There’s no need to miss out on enjoying a drink in the summer sun. The following are drink choices that stand as great alternatives to high calorie beverages. Enjoy these drinks at your next barbeque and the only thing you’ll be missing out on is the extra empty calories!

Low Calorie Alcoholic Beverages

1. Light Beer

Whether you’re out with your friends or at home on the grill, nothing is more refreshing than drinking a beer. Unfortunately, too many can lead to the infamous “beer belly.”

With regular beers comes regular calories; try your favorite brews in their lighter forms. With only 64 calories and 2.4g of carbs, MGD64 is a tasty alternative to denser beers. Other lower-calorie beer options include Coors Light and Corona Light, each containing between 100-110 calories and 5g of carbs.

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2. Wine

If you’d rather sip on your beverage rather than gulp it down, wine is another great alcoholic beverage to enjoy in the summer sun. The average glass of wine contains between 125-150 calories.

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With several options and flavors to choose from, wine is a great drink to enjoy that wont weigh heavy on your conscious…or your waistline!

3. Healthy Bloody Mary

Looking for a little spice in what you sip? The name may sound intimidating, but the taste is delicious!

For a calorie conscious recipe, try low sodium V8 in place of other salty tomato juice options. Along with low sodium tomato juice, all remaining ingredients are low in calories and high in flavor!

Add a few dashes of Tabasco, a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice and horseradish, and 3 oz of vodka, and you have yourself a delicious, nutritious drink!

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4. Skinny Girl cocktails

Cocktail drinks are notorious for being high in calories. Though the sugary mixers used in cocktails are known to be unhealthy, they provide the drink with its exotic fruity flavor.

If you’re looking for a cocktail full in flavor but low in calories, check out Skinny Girl cocktails. Each cocktail offered within the Skinny Girl line contains a mere 35.2 calories! Living up to its name, Skinny Girl cocktails are the perfect choice for those trying to maintain both a summer shape and a fun summer celebration.

The good thing is that you can also introduce your friends to make these cocktails through a class -either face-to-face or virtually- where you can show off your mixology skills. Great for a good laugh and a great evening.

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Tips to Making Your Own Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

1. Use low-calorie mixers

Often, the liquor in an alcoholic beverage is not the main contributor to the drink’s calories. As it stands alone, 80-proof vodka only has about 65 calories per 1 oz, but pair it with a few sugary mixers, and the drink’s calories will double or even triple in calories!

Try lower-calorie alternatives, like tea, diet soda, diet tonic, light lemonade, or other light juices when making your favorite drinks. Keep in mind that these mixers are not something you should be drinking on a regular basis!

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2. Add ice

Sounds crazy, but it usually takes a while before your first drink will hit you, so delay the onslaught and reduce the calories by adding ice to your favorite drinks. You’ll consume less calories and will avoid getting too intoxicated too quickly.

3. Alternate with water

Hydrate! Make every other drink water to slow down the drinking, give your body a chance to process the alcohol, and fill up your stomach with something your body needs.

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4. Choose the right liquor

Some liquor options have more calories compared to others. For the least amount of calories, choose hard liquor, with an average of 97 calories per serving. Your next best option is wine, with an average calorie count at 120, followed by beer at 146 calories.

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The Takeaway

Drinking alcoholic beverages can be enjoyable while basking in the summer sun, but don’t let the momentary pleasure “weigh heavy” on your scale. Consider these lower-calorie alternatives to your favorite beers or cocktails and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself, guilt free!

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