The Health Benefits of Honey: 10 Reasons Why Winnie-The-Pooh Is Totally Right

Time to take a leaf out of Winnie-the-Pooh’s book.

Many consider honey a tasty snack, but recently the sticky spread has gained recognition as holding several healing powers far beyond accommodating our hunger pangs.

From cough suppressant to germ-killer, here are some great health benefits of honey that will make you adopt it as your number one natural sweetener!

health benefits of honey

The History of Honey

Though many are unaware of the multiple uses for honey other than being a sweet treat for our taste buds, history has shown that the antibacterial affects of honey have been known to civilization for over 5,000 years.

Using honey as a medical treatment is a practice called “apitherapy” and includes treatments that restore energy, enhance physical stamina, and improve the immune system.

During prehistoric times, honey was most commonly used as medical treatment for wounds and skin damage. Even today, honey remains used in lots of products that heal and improve the health of skin and the rest of the body.

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10 Health Benefits of Honey

1. Soothes a sore throat or  cough

The thickness of honey provides a soothing layer on the throat and helps ease uncomfort and dryness. Honey is also used as a cough depressant when the throat is irritated.

2. Calms the mind

Studies have shown that honey works to ease the mind of anxiety and anticipation. Honey can be used to as a calming, soothing treatment that is both helpful and natural.

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3. Kills bacteria

Due to its high sugar content and high acidity, honey works to dehydrate bacteria. By killing bacteria, honey helps the body begin the healing process.

4. Treats indigestion

The ability of honey to fight bacteria allows it to aid in problems within the stomach and bowels caused by bacteria build up.

5. Prevents gingivitis

Honey works to prevent plaque build up in the mouth and gums. By killing germ build up, honey helps keep the mouth clean and plaque-free.

6. As a sleep aid

When looking for a treatment for upper respiratory infections in kids, honey is the treatment to choose. With its ability to calm and ease the mind, honey is a great resource to use when experiencing trouble sleeping.

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7. Combats ulcers

Applying honey directly onto the area can treat ulcers that are located externally, or on the outer skin. Honey is able to fight external ulcers due to its ability to kill bacteria.

8. Helps heal wounds and minimize scarring

Honey has been used to aid skin burns and reduce scarring tissue. Applying honey directly to a wound helps the skin heal faster and keeps the area bacteria free, thus reducing the possibility for infection.

9. Works as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial treatment

Researchers have found that honey can be used as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial treatment. The bacteria-fighting properties of honey help to reduce inflammation from bacterial infections and works to keep the infected area clean and healthy.

10. Fights acne

Since it fights bacterial growth and helps manage inflammation of the skin, honey can be used to manage acne and blemishes on the body. Acne is caused from dirt and bacteria build up, which is why honey may be just the thing to fight off acne and blemish-causing bacteria.

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The Takeaway

Whether used as a cough suppressant, antibacterial treatment, or as a sweet spread on toast, the health benefits of honey make it a great natural sweetener. The nutrients in honey make it a healing tool for wounds and burns, as well as a cosmetic resource to keep skin healthy and looking beautiful. Besides the skin, honey also serves as a treatment for gum disease, as a sleep aid, and as a natural solution to relax and calm the mind.

By understanding all of the healing powers that honey has to offer, you can be sure to fully utilize every bit of the sweet nectar within your next jar of honey!

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