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Need a Break? – 6 Ways to Create ‘Me Time’ Throughout the Day

by Editor
Creating me time throughout the day

Today more than ever, people are busy from the time they wake until they lie down for a night’s sleep. When we’re pushed to our limits daily, it creates stress, anxiety, and even burnout.

The best way to combat these problems and unwind for brief periods during the day is to learn how to create “me time” here or there. This strategy is easy if you have some handy tips and ideas.

Strategies for Creating ‘Me Time’ Throughout the Day

Wake Up Earlier

It’s beneficial to wake up a few minutes early each day to create some quiet time to wake up, gather your thoughts, and enjoy some peace and tranquility. It’s much better than jumping out of bed and going full speed through the entire day.

Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than you need to wake up. Get up and enjoy your first cup of coffee or watch videos or read.

Once the 30 minutes are up, you can proceed as normal with your schedule. Keep in mind that you’ll need to go to bed earlier to compensate for the extra time in the morning.

Find a Quiet Spot for Lunch

If you have time to go out for lunch, it’s the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax midday.

For example, you can go to a quiet cafe or get food from a vendor and find a relaxing place to eat your meal. If there’s a park or scenic spot in the vicinity that’s ideal for relaxing, go there.

If you like to have company, you can invite your coworkers to go with you to eat at an old favorite spot or check out new options in the area. If you have a few more minutes spare after you eat, you can sit and play an online game before you return to work.

Limit Time Watching TV or Videos

When you watch TV and videos nightly or in portions of the day, it makes it seem like you have less free time.

Limit video and social media throughout the day and use that time to do things you enjoy, like walking, sitting in a green space, or doing a fun activity.

If you binge on a series or content creator videos nightly, it’s a good sign you have more free time than you think.

Redesign Your Furniture Layout to Encourage Reading and Socializing

If you’ve created a thrown-together living room centered around a TV or entertainment console, you might rethink your approach.

Alternatively, if you create a separate living space for relaxing, reading, and chatting with visitors, it creates a chance for you to get more “me time” and less time vegging out in front of a screen.

Accomplishing this goal is simple with appropriately placed furniture and design features. You can set up a separate living space with a modular sofa and add some contrasting chairs to give the space a vibrant feel. Try using other options such as a decorative screen or break up the area with plants and fun tables.

Make Time to Get Sunshine in Your Schedule

Many people suffer from depression and other effects from a lack of sunshine. Safe sun exposure creates vitamin D, which is necessary to regulate the body’s system, including mood and immune function.

One great way to get some sun daily is to take a walk in a park or your neighborhood. You can invite a friend or family member to come along to make the process more enjoyable. You can also go for a swim in a nearby body of water or your local pool.

If you have a dog, it’s the perfect chance to bring them along to get exercise and adventure while you get your dose of sunshine and fresh air. Here are some additional activities to try with your pet.

  • Hiking
  • Jogging
  • A trip to the beach or river

Once you get in the habit of taking yourself or you and your pet out to do something daily, you’ll feel better and enjoy the downtime.

Try Blogging or Journaling

One great way to get some extra “me time” is to journal. You can write whatever you want or even sketch. Here are some great inspirations for drawing for those that are more artists than they are writers. There are no rules. You can also include fun cutouts and stickers or keepsakes to make it more enjoyable.

If you plan to blog, you can even make some money in the process. Blogging can be a great creative outlet. You can write about things you know about or document your insights about the things you’re interested in writing about now.

There are many excellent platforms out there for blogging. Just open an account and use some tips and tricks from a professional team to get more views and draw attention to your posts. You can also sign up with an ad hosting site for more income potential.

The Benefits of ‘Me Time’

There are many benefits to taking time out of your day for yourself. It helps you manage your stress levels, helps you reduce your blood pressure, and provides you with time to unwind and decompress from your workday or stressful events.

Use these ideas to help you feel better about the work week or just in general and notice how much better you’ll feel from day today. If you sprinkle in physical activity during these times, your health and fitness level improves too!

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