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Tom Brady Quotes for a Winning Mindset

by Nicole Yormark
Tom Brady

Love him or hate him – Tom Brady is one of the best football players to grace the field. His ability to make plays happen in clutch scenarios is truly inspiring.

Nowhere does Tom Brady shine brighter as a quarterback than the Superbowl. Tom Brady continually dominates the Superbowl and the records books attest to his dominance. Here are some of the Superbowl records that Brady currently holds:

  • Most games played at the Superbowl (9 games)
  • Most pass completions in a game (43 passes) and most pass completion in a career (256 passes)
  • Most passing touchdowns career (18 TD)
  • Most passes without an interception (48 passes)
  • Most 300-yard passing games (4 games)
  • Most passing yards in a game (505 yards) and most passing yards in a career (2838 yards)
  • Most Superbowl wins (6 games)
  • Superbowl MVP (4 times)

And finally…

  • Oldest quarterback to play in a Superbowl (41 years old)

Tom Brady’s mental toughness and attitude sets him apart from other players. He has achieved phenomenal success in his career not only because of talent but also because of his mindset and attitude. His work ethic is undeniable, and he is one of the best football players ever.

Below are some of my favorite Tom Brady quotes that offer a glimpse into his winning mindset.

 Tom Brady Quotes

  1. “I was the kid that was the 199th pick that never had the body for it. People didn’t think I’d play one year in the NFL, and now I’m going on my 17th year.” – Tom Brady
  2. “I think the great part about what I do is that there’s a scoreboard. At the end of every week, you know how you did. You know how well you prepared. You know whether you executed your game plan. There’s a tangible score.” – Tom Brady
  3. “I have a memory, and I can just eliminate mistakes when they come up because I’ve already made them.” – Tom Brady
  4. “After the first day of practice, there’s not one guy who’s playing at 100 percent or who feels great. Sometimes, getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth is the hardest part of the day – it just hurts.” – Tom Brady
  5. “When you’re one of the leaders of the team, there are no days off.” – Tom Brady

  6. “When I’m out on the football field, I have so much confidence in what I’m doing.” – Tom Brady
  7. “A lot of times I find that people who are blessed with the most talent don’t ever develop that attitude, and the ones who aren’t blessed in that way are the most competitive and have the biggest heart.” – Tom Brady
  8. “You wanna know which ring is my favorite? The next one.” – Tom Brady
  9. “Things don’t correct themselves; you’ve got to go out there and work hard to correct them.” – Tom Brady

  10. “I don’t think there’s a lot of carry-over from year to year. I don’t think anybody cares what you did the year before.” – Tom Brady
  11. “There’s not much time to unwind, but you know what, it’s because I love what I do. I look forward to the season. I look forward to playing games. It doesn’t ever feel like work.” – Tom Brady
  12. “I’m not a person who defends myself very often. I kind of let my actions speak for me.” – Tom Brady
  13. To me, football is so much about mental toughness, it’s digging deep, it’s doing whatever you need to do to help a team win and that comes in a lot of shapes and forms.” – Tom Brady

  14. “I think that at the start of a game, you’re always playing to win, and then maybe if you’re ahead late in the game, you start playing not to lose. The true competitors, though, are the ones who always play to win.” – Tom Brady
  15. Too often in life, something happens and we blame other people for us not being happy or satisfied or fulfilled. So the point is, we all have choices, and we make the choice to accept people or situations or to not accept situations.” – Tom Brady

  16. “We all have experiences in our lives that change us, and we all learn from people, like my dad, but at the end of the day, it’s only us. And we’re only responsible to make ourselves happy.” – Tom Brady
  17. “Every quarterback can throw a ball; every running back can run; every receiver is fast; but that mental toughness that you talk about translates into competitiveness.” – Tom Brady
  18. “There’s a lot of people who don’t like Tom Brady and I’m OK with that.” – Tom Brady
  19. “I just love working hard. I love being part of a team; I love working toward a common goal.” – Tom Brady

  20. All I do is work out. Oh my God! Half my life is spent in a gym somewhere, sweating.” – Tom Brady
  21. “Sleep is all about recovering. So if you’re not sleeping, you’re not recovering. And if you’re going to break your body down a lot, you better find ways to build it back up. And the only way to do that is get a lot of sleep. So for me, I go to bed at like 8:30, 9:00. As soon as I put my kids to bed. Because I’m up at 5:30 the next day.” – Tom Brady
  22. “The only thing I ever wanted to be was a professional football player.” – Tom Brady

  23. “I always try to do as much as I can do. I’m never a person that does not enough, because I’d regret not doing enough and think I probably could have done more. I probably go too far and have to reel myself back in, which works in some things, and other things it doesn’t work.” – Tom Brady
  24. “I am not a person that’s self satisfied just being out there. I want to go out there and play great.” – Tom Brady
  25. “If you like it you should enjoy it! Moderation in everything. If there’s things you really love, you should enjoy. You get one life, so you should enjoy it.” – Tom Brady
  26. “You need to think outside the box. You need to think differently if you want to sustain what, for me, is my peak performance: the very best that I can achieve as an athlete every day.” – Tom Brady

  27. “You have to believe in your process. You have to believe in the things that you are doing to help the team win. I think you have to take the good with the bad.” – Tom Brady
  28. “See, there are a lot of guys who are all talk. They say they want to work harder and be the best, but they never pay the price.” – Tom Brady
  29. “When you lose, talk little. When you win, talk less.” – Tom Brady

  30. “Sometimes some of the toughest things you deal with end up being the best things because you realize the people that you can rely on, that love you and support you through it.” – Tom Brady
  31. “I think it’s a feeling like I’ve got it all figured out. There’s nothing that can shock me anymore. There’s nothing I haven’t anticipated; so at that point, there is a calmness.” – Tom Brady
  32. “Every man should know, if you’re comfortable and you like it, you should do it. Everyone always worries about what the girls think, what the guys think. If you like it, do it.” – Tom Brady
  33. “It’s never come easy for me. I don’t think my mind allows me to rest ever. I have, I think, a chip on my shoulder, and some deep scars that I don’t think were healed.” – Tom Brady

  34. “A lot of people don’t believe in you. It’s obvious by now, six other quarterbacks taken and 198 other picks. And I always thought ‘you know what, once I get my shot, I’m gonna be ready. I’m gonna really take advantage of that.” – Tom Brady
  35. “I’m not really concerned with portraying this tough warrior – I mean, that’s part of my job and I take that very seriously. But I don’t have anything to hide, and I’m not concerned with what people think.” – Tom Brady
  36. “If you’re a quarterback, you want everything on your shoulders. You want to be the one to make the decisions.” – Tom Brady
  37. “I don’t think the ebbs and flows – get in great shape and then get out of shape and then see if you can get back into shape – is a good thing. So I prefer to keep my arm always ready to go.” – Tom Brady
  38. You can’t go out and practice average on Wednesday, average on Thursday, okay on Friday and then expect to play well on Sunday.” – Tom Brady
  39. “Athletes are always talking about money at a time when everyone else is struggling so badly to make it. We all make way more than our fair share. And I just think it reflects poorly on myself and my teammates. I really do just want to win, and that has and will continue to be the reason that motivates me and is the biggest factor in my decision-making process.” – Tom Brady
  40. “I don’t care about three years ago… I don’t care about two years ago. I don’t care about last year. The only things I care about is this week.” – Tom Brady

  41. “My job is to play quarterback and I’m going to do that the best way I know how because I owe that to my teammates regardless or who is out there on the field with me.” – Tom Brady
  42. “I didn’t come this far to only come this far, so we’ve still got further to go.” – Tom Brady
  43. “You push your body to the limited, but you have to train your body to deal with the limits.” – Tom Brady
  44. “I think sometimes in life the biggest challenges end up being the best things that happen in your life.” – Tom Brady
  45. “I can’t do anything with what’s happened in the past. I have to just go forward with the most awareness I can going forward and trying to be the best I can be for our team.” – Tom Brady
  46. “If you don’t play to win, don’t play at all.” – Tom Brady

  47. “I don’t want to wake up and be bored. That’s probably my greatest fear is to have nothing to do. What better job is there than to play quarterback for an NFL team, and certainly one that I’ve been on for a long time and had success with? I don’t plan on giving it up any time soon.” – Tom Brady
  48. “I’m a pretty good winner. I’m a terrible loser. And I rub it in pretty good when I win.” – Tom Brady
  49. “You never get over losses. I’ve never gotten over one loss I’ve had in my career. They always stick with me.” – Tom Brady
  50. “I think you can just go out and try to be the best you can be, deal with people with respect, with honesty, with integrity, have a high moral standard. I’ve always really tried to exemplify that as an athlete. I’ll continue to try to do that.” – Tom Brady
  51. “I knew I became a professional when I stop paying attention to what time it was.” – Tom Brady
  52. “I can’t do anything with what’s happened in the past. I have to just go forward with the most awareness I can going forward and trying to be the best I can be for our team.” – Tom Brady
  53. “If you don’t believe in yourself why is anyone else going to believe in you?” – Tom Brady


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