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9 Ways to Be Successful in a New Job

by Corey Malinowski

Are you starting a new job and want to make sure you start off right? Follow these 9 tips and you’ll be well on your way, office all-star.

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A new job is a fresh start to the next chapter in your life and you want it to be a good one. Follow these 9 tips to start off right:

How to Be a Success in Your New Job

1. Set up a meeting with your manager on the first day: By getting some one-on-one time with your new boss you’ll be able to understand his or her expectations of you in your new role. This will also show your new manager that you are motivated and committed to doing your best.

2. Learn from your co-workers: Ask your fellow employees what is expected, how things are run, and learn about company policies you may not know about. They have been working there for a while and know the ins and outs of the company – use their experience to your benefit.

3. Be professional: Do not engage in rumors and stay away from any internal political fights. Be professional and remember – you left the high school drama back in high school.

4. Learn names: Make it a point to learn and remember the names of everyone from the CEO to the janitor. Addressing others by their name, and with respect, is a good way to start building relationships with those who can help make or break your career, either now or down the road.

5. Be reliable:  The easiest way to get off to a good start is to do your work on time and to do it well. When your co-workers and boss are confident with your work you’re less likely to run into any job-related performance issues.

6. Keep your boss informed: Hold regular meetings with your boss during which you can give him or her a status update on the major projects you’re working on, and provide a forum to ask for any help or guidance you need. This will help ensure that you’re on the right track and can provide a regular way to show your boss that you’re doing great work.

7. Make time for meetings: Make sure to take time out of your schedules for non-mandatory professional meetings. Joining an optional working group, enhancing your skills through training or just getting exposure to people you normally wouldn’t work with are all great ways to network within your organization and can help you gain important skills and responsibility.

8. Be flexible and open-minded: Remember that there are often several ways to solve a problem or achieve an objective. Do not insist that your idea or plan is always the best one. By remaining open to advise from others, and to new ideas, you’ll be able to look at solving problems from a new perspective, which is key to anyone’s growth.

9. Gain the confidence of others: Give credit to others when they do a good job, and simply reply with ‘thank you’ when others do the same with you. Your co-workers will appreciate the credit you give them, along with your lack of arrogance. Another great way to gain confidence is by looking credible in face-to-face interactions through proper body language and active listening.

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