You’ll Be Amazed When You See How This Woman Quits Her Job


Work. It can be hard, long, and annoying. But we at Inspiyr encourage you to chase after your dreams and do something that you love to do. After all, your job likely takes up at least 8 hours of your day – and that’s 8 hours you should spend happy!

This woman realized that she wasn’t happy at her job because of how her boss was treating her – and came up with a way to let him know that he needs to change his attitude. She reminds us all to remember the truly important things in life and to not let anyone make you feel like you’re less than amazing.

And even though there was probably a more tactful way to do what she did…you gotta love her creativity…and guts!

Give your job a long, hard look. Do you like what you do? Do you feel valued as an employee as well as a person?

So tell us: do you like your job, or are you tempted to make a “Gone” video of your  own? Comment and let us know!

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