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Terpenes For Focus & Energy

by Editor

The National Sleep Foundation reports that 74% of Americans are considered to be sleep deprived, and a survey done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that as many as 50% of young Americans aged 18-25 say they have taken prescription sleep aids in the past year. Moreover, it was found that these young adults spend an average of nine hours a day on their phones, tablets, or computers. All of this results in lower energy levels and poor focus.

To break this cycle of inactivity, many young Americans are turning to natural health supplements like cannabinoids and terpenes.

Terpenes are the natural oils or resins that plants produce to protect themselves from insects, fungi and other pests. They can also be used for their aromatic properties to add flavor and aroma to food and beverages. It’s been found that many people who use terpenes on a regular basis report feeling more energized, focused and productive—as well as having increased creativity.

Different terpenes can produce specific effects ranging from uplifting, therapeutic or even anxiolytic. In this post, we explore the effects of the terpenes Pinene and Limonene on energy and focus, how they work within the system to increase both and the best ways to supplement with these terpenes from the comfort of home.


One of the marked effects of Pinene is a sense of increased energy and focus. There are two ways that this terpene can work: first, as a natural booster both for an individual’s body and mind. Secondly, by increasing blood flow to the brain which increases alertness and mental energy levels.

Pinene is found in high quantities in pine trees, so it’s no surprise that “piney” smells such as those from turpentine and even some strains of cannabis may have been named after these two sources. Terpene enthusiasts report that Pinene is energizing, and note its efficacy at increasing wakefulness, alertness and attention while improving mental performance under pressure.

Pinene can be found in a variety of plant sources including cinnamon leaf, coniferous tree needles and rosemary.


Limonene is one of the most highly-researched terpenes today. This is primarily because it may have cognitive benefits as well as potential as an antidepressant. A recent study titled Effects of Essential Oils On The Central Nervous System lists limonene as one of the “major compounds of the essential oils contributing significantly to their anxiolytic and antidepressant effects.”

Limonene is one of the many terpenes available to consumers, which varies in flavor and effect. The compound is present in many strains and has been noted to give a “minty” flavor. It is the primary terpene present within orange peels and contributes to its smell. Limonene can also be found in other fruit rinds and fragrant herbs, as well as many citrus plants.

Even the aroma of limonene is stimulating, and many users claim that it helps them power through their workdays. Limonene can also improve mood, reduce stress, and provide relief from anxiety. These qualities have both an uplifting and calming effect on users, which indirectly makes it easier for them to focus. Many who regularly use terpenes believe that limonene is the best terpene for focus and energy.

How to Supplement with Terpenes

There are many different ways to supplement with terpenes, ranging from taking a couple of drops with your tea to using a high-quality vaporizer. In general, it’s best to take terpenes orally for the fastest and most reliable effects. If you do want to use a vaporizer, be sure to look into going for a low temperature vaporizer as that will provide the most benefits with the least risk of side effects

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