How To Stay Mindful In The Workplace

The beginning of the week always tends to be looked down upon. Usually, because the weekend was not nearly enough time to decompress or your workplace has your anxiety on edge.  A few quick tips on mindfulness in the workplace may just help you break that mind-numbing habit and improve your workplace well-being. Plus, who doesn’t want to leave anxiety at the door before walking in?

So how do you stay mindful in the workplace?

First off, becoming mindful is a state of being. Becoming aware of your surroundings, understanding your intentions towards events and evaluating while being present. Example: While it is fun to record every funny thing a friend does, sometimes it’s about enjoying the moment and being fully present as the moment unfolds.

mindful in the workplace

Stay Mindful in the Workplace With These Simple Tips:

Get to Work a Bit Early to Meditate for 5 Minutes

Meditation has been known to calm those chaotic tides we brush up against day after day. If you happen to wake up with anxiety try this quick session. Simply sit down, breath in (count to 3), and then breath out (count to 3). Do this five times, afterward breathe in (count to 5) and breath out (count to 5), three times. Then continue with breathing in (count to 10), pause for 3, then breath out (counting to 10).

Taking In Your Surroundings

Even if you’ve been working at the same place for years, sometimes all it takes is to take a break and truly look around. What plants are in the office? What part of downtown does the window show? What patterns are covering the floor, the walls, or the chairs? Taking into account what things are surrounding you, can help bring on a sense of grounding and calm. This technique can also bring those cluster of thoughts to a stand-still by only recognizing your immediate surroundings.

On Your Lunch Break, Go For A Walk

Not only will those offer a productive boost of energy, but getting out of the office can be greatly beneficial. You can get some exercise in, stretch your back and most importantly, relax your mind. During your lunch break go for a walk around a nearby park or around the block. Bring yourself to the moment and become present. Acknowledge the fact, that you’re giving yourself a break from staring at a computer screen and clear your mind.

Finding Affirmations or Mantras That Work For You

This does not work for everyone, however, an affirmation or mantra could be the mindful upswing you need. “I am secure”, “I am on the right path”, “I am working towards my true self.” These simple sentences can be changed towards the effects you are looking for in life. Try this out for a week to see if your mood has become brighter, your anxiety seems to have lessened, or without fault, you’re coming in contact with opportunities for self-improvement.

These seemingly simple adjustments could be the start of a loving mindful relationship with your own mind. We have to start off by treating ourselves with care before, we can’t offer ourselves to others. Or in this case, show up for work.


By following these simple habits, you will be able to stay more relaxed, focused and mindful in the workplace. You can do them all in the same day or try switching them up. The key is to upkeep your practice and make these simple things a habit in your work day.

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