The Science of Happiness

Happiness is always within reach. However, this info graphic from our friends at Happify demonstrates that sometimes, we need to consider the science of it. Happiness may seem like just the thing that puts a smile on your face, but there’s a bit of a formula.

According to Happify, happiness is a combination of your satisfaction with your life and how good you feel on a day-to-day basis – and only 10% of your happiness is determined by your circumstances!

Happiness has incredible health benefits, so it’s important to keep yourself in moderately high spirits the majority of the time. Plus, as Happify points out, happiness is not only about you, as happy people are more likely to be productive at their jobs, have deeper and longer-lasting relationships, and even donate to charity.

Check out these fascinating facts about the science of happiness so you can be more mindful of your own sunny (or cloudy) mood!The Science of Happiness

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