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The Pros And Cons Of Crossfit: The Truth About This Popular Workout

by Rob Miller

Any fitness enthusiast even moderately “in the know” about contemporary exercise trends has undoubtedly heard about CrossFit.

Originally created nearly 14 years ago, CrossFit has become one of the most popular workout phenomenon the world over, with countless individuals logging on to the website each day to complete the posted WOD (workout of the day) that has been created by their individual gym, or “box.”

There’s boundless enthusiasm for this new exercise system and a seemingly neverending supply of new recruits signing up..

But why the strong following?

pros and cons of crossfit


Here are the pros and cons of CrossFit.

The Pros Of CrossFit

1. If done correctly, it’s very effective.

CrossFit prides itself on having refined a series of exercises that, on some level, far surpass the more established expectations and traditions of popular workout routines.

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2. It includes an exercise and food program.

CrossFit is, at its core, far more than just an exercise system. In addition to the individual workouts undertaken as part of the WOD, CrossFit enthusiasts can also partake in one of several diet programs outlined within the system.

For many, the opportunity to combine exercise and nutrition into a single “lifestyle” is a significant advantage over traditional fitness programs.

3. It’s not just a health program. It’s a lifestyle.

Outside of the health benefits, one of the key strengths and advantages of CrossFit is the ability to immerse oneself within a vibrant and passionate community of exercise enthusiasts.

Due to the relatively spread out nature of CrossFit and the numerous gyms located throughout the country, individuals are able to form friendly relationships with various other members who work out with them.

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The Con’s Of CrossFit

1. There’s a higher chance of injury.

Although the CrossFit craze is, undoubtedly, fully justified due to the mass appeal of this unique system, there are numerous critics who claim that the CrossFit method may be doing more harm than good, particularly when discussing the potential for physical injury.

The core of the CrossFit exercise philosophy involves “high intensity” workouts that consistently challenge and develop varying muscle groups in the body.

That being said, some experts believe that the workout strategies outlined by CrossFit, particularly due to the rapid pace at which inexperienced individuals are learning and executing demanding physical moves, may result in a variety of health issues, including potentially lethal outcomes.

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2. There’s no guarantee about the quality of your trainer.

Additionally, there is increasing scrutiny being placed on process by which CrossFit enthusiasts can become certified trainers. The certification process is, according to critics, far too lax, and is resulting in a mass influx of new gym owners who have very little experience and are placing their clients in harm’s way.

While these critiques are, obviously, largely dependent upon the gym in question, the fact that so many individuals have been critically injured during CrossFit training sessions is provoking sustained controversy in relation to the sport as a whole.

Should You Do CrossFit?

If you’re interested in CrossFit, the controversy surrounding it shouldn’t dissuade you from learning more about the sport.

If you already have extensive experience with fitness routines and are aware of proper safety techniques, CrossFit may pose little threat and a number of distinct advantages.

That being said, if you’re entirely new to physical fitness and muscle development, you should carefully consider all options before decided which CrossFit box to attend, as the potential for sustaining a debilitating injury is high.

CrossFit is ideal for those who are able to successfully regulate their own workout routines and ensure that they act responsibly in the process. Just remember: always be safe!


Rob MillerRob Miller is an avid sports and nutrition enthusiast who has been taking supplements since he was 18.  In 2009, Rob had enough of reading misleading, biased supplement reviews so he started writing detailed reviews of supplements he was taking, and post honest feedback on his blog.  He began to get a lot of men and women asking what he thought about various types of supplements, and as a result, Supplement Critique was born. Rob’s free ebook on “How to Get Lean Quickly” is available for download here.

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