The Power of Giving [VIDEO]

Have you ever had a moment where someone helped you up during a time in need? Did you show them your gratitude later on?

When I first saw this video, it reminded me of my mother. When I was a baby, I suffered from frequent ear infections, and my mom once went to CVS to purchase my ear medication. She was holding me, and though I was too young to talk, it was obvious that I was suffering; I sobbed in her arms, tugging at my sore ear. My mother stepped up to the counter, and when the pharmacist told her the price, my mom froze. We were quite tight on money during those years, and my mom realized she couldn’t pay for medication needed to ease my pain.

The pharmacist looked at her face, then at her baby daughter crying in her arms, and said, “Just take it. It’s free.”

Now, years later, every time my mother goes into CVS, she stops to talk to that kind pharmacist.

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Check out this beautiful and touching ad where a man helps a young boy during his time in need…and break out the tissues, because the ending will hit you hard.

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