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Podcasts That Will Empower You

by Kristen Fisher

Every now and then everyone needs an uplifting quote, book, or song to help them through their day. How about turning towards a podcast that uplifts, inspires and motivates individuals to have a better life? The podcasts listed below will show you the way.

The Living Show

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You will savor every word Jessica (the host) says. This empowering and soul-warming podcast offers a very real introduction towards a happier lifestyle. By interviewing successful entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the world, you’ll feel blessed to listen.

Looking for a podcast that brings out you ultimate boss side? Look no further!

Being Boss

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Take the inutative and becoming your own boss takes dedication and work. These two women help others discover their inner strength and empowering sides by giving their listeners a step-by-step instruction guide towards being boss. Whether you have been running or thinking about opening your own business, these two know exactly what’s going on and you should too.

Be Amplified: the Podcast

Take some time out of your day to catch up with Be Amplified. This podcast covers everything from empowering health to taking control of your life in he best possible way. With a personal and a professional motivated segment, you will definitely find something attributing to your own life in this podcast series.


Love, Alexi

This podcast is for the go-getters and women who want the truth when it comes to dating, self-confidence, and living life today as a young woman. There are moments where being crude are needed and refreshing.

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Hashtag and Stilettos

Looking for some professional advice when it comes to worklife, stepping up your game (with your career), and how to still be an empowering force of nature? This podcast has all of that and more! Follow the insight about brand partneships, transitioning from one level to the next, and asking for a much deserved pay raise.

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