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3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Toothbrush

by Sammy Nickalls


Think about it: when was the last time you changed your toothbrush? If your answer is more than a few months, go out and stock up on some toothbrushes–and lots of them, so you have no excuse to switch them out when the time comes. If not, the bristles will fray and your brushing efforts will become less and less effective each time you brush!

But don’t just buy any toothbrush! Here are some tips on which brush to buy to keep your pearly whites…well, white.

1. Look for the seal

Only purchase brushes with an ADA seal of approval, which is a small white box with black writing that says “ADA.” This ensures that your brush has been evaluated by experts to make sure it’s effective and won’t do any damage to your teeth or gums.

2. Mind the size and shape

Don’t purchase any brushes that seem too small or too large. Buy the right size and shape of brush for your mouth. For adults, that generally means the head should be half an inch wide and one inch tall. Make sure the handle is long enough for you to maneuver the head into tough-to-reach areas.

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3. Don’t pick hard bristles

It might seem like hard bristles would be the best way to go to ensure a deep cleaning, but hard bristles can actually damage the teeth and gums (plus, they hurt!). Purchase soft bristles for comfort and a healthier cleaning.

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