6 Simple Tricks To Perk Up Your Day In 5 Minutes Or Less

With the often hectic lifestyles we lead, it’s easy to get stuck in the same old daily grind.

It’s never fun sitting around, day after day, feeling like we’re in a never-ending rut. It can be so easy to begin to feel complacent, emotional, and jammed into a certain circumstance.

Sometimes, all we need is a step in the right direction to help ourselves feel a little better.  Luckily, these steps only require a few minutes of your time to perk up your day!

perk up your day

How To Make Your Day Better In 5 Minutes

1. Write a love note to someone else…

Ooh la la! Don’t have a crush? Don’t worry. Leave a sweet note for a co-worker or friend. But writing a note to your significant other (or anyone!) gives you an extra boost of warm fuzzies that is good for the soul.

Even if it’s a post-it note, it feels great to take time to remind someone that you’re thinking of them, and obviously it makes them feel amazing too.

2. …or write yourself love notes.

Now, before you start thinking I’m crazy, hear me out. Have ever written yourself a note on your bathroom mirror in dry erase marker? It’s great!

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Maybe it’s an inspirational quote, a thoughtful reminder to have an amazing day, or simply a cute little happy face, but whatever you choose, it’s a nice little nudge for yourself to make sure you take charge of your day!

3.Clean out your refrigerator.

Even if the rest of the walls in your house appear to be caving in on you, taking a few minutes to perk up your day and pitch the science experiments in the back of the fridge (I’m talking to you, three-week-old mac-and-cheese), and getting a good sweep of Lysol going will help you to breathe a sigh of relief. This is one of my go-to’s.


I have a four year old tornado, er, I mean, toddler, and she manages to string toys from one end of the house to the other. The kitchen, however, is my domain. Just the simple act of cleaning out my fridge helps me feel like I’m regaining control, no matter how little!

4. Water your plants.

There’s just something satisfying about watering a plant. You’re nurturing it, feeding it, and caring for it.

If you’re anything like me, and your thumb is more of a brown color, invest in bamboo! Almost four years ago, my husband gave me a bamboo plant for my first mother’s day. Guess what? It’s still alive! It’s one of my top accomplishments. No, really. I’m proud of myself.

I love to water it, and take a few minutes for myself to look at it and be reminded that there are some amazing people in my life.

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5. Indulge, if just for a moment.

Perk yourself up by treating yourself every once in a while. Maybe that means a trip to Starbucks or perhaps it’s to the local chocolatier. Just don’t go too nuts!

My favorite is when my hubs travels out of town, and I get free reign of Netflix…and a huge bowl of spaghetti. Happy days!

4. Take a walk.

Even if it’s a ten minute walk around your neighborhood, getting some fresh air does your body good. The exercise also helps to clear your mind. Just by taking a few minutes for you (or the dog, if you take it with you!), you’re forcing yourself into a calm, peaceful state. When you arrive back from your walk, you’ll be in a much better place to tackle anything else that comes your way.

The Takeaway

You need to do what is best for you. Sit back and think about taking some time for you every day, and if there are small things you can do to perk up your day, don’t forget to do them! You deserve it. Spoil yourself.


AudraAudra Dittlinger is a contributor for Inspiyr.com, as well as a full-time working mom living in rural Indiana. She is an insurance professional with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She writes to create, inspire, and empower.

Photo by Esben Bøg

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