A Controversial Guide To Nutrition: How To Eat Right

In the last couple videos, I showed you the top seven fitness mistakes nearly everyone makes, along with how to structure your workout program the right way using a proven formula I call the Fitness Minimalist Pyramid.

Now I’d like to go through the missing component – nutrition.

Because if you don’t eat right, your fitness results will be lackluster and keep you wanting for more.

But when you pair an effective fitness program with an equally good nutrition protocol, the results can be amazing.

In this video, I cover a bunch of powerful stuff, including:

  • Five foods you should cut from your diet to see immediate, positive results
  • Why some so-called “healthy” foods can actually damage your digestive system
  • The worst type of cooking oils that promote inflammation in your body
  • A simple trick to know how to buy healthy foods at the supermarket
  • The four foods that should make up the foundation of your diet
  • A controversial technique that can help you burn more fat, build more muscle, and feel your absolute best (I almost didn’t include this because some so-called experts think it’s too powerful to share with the masses…but I think you can handle it!)
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