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Never Give Up

by The Inspiyr Team


Fred Astaire: stage dancer, singer, choreographer, musician, and actor on Broadway and in films. Astaire is well known and perhaps one of the best dancers of all time. However, Astaire wasn’t instantly a success. In fact, during his first screen test, the judges claimed, “Can’t act. Can’t sing. Slightly bald. Can dance a little.” Those judges undoubtedly felt ridiculous when Astaire went on to be internationally acclaimed in not only dancing, but music, acting, and singing.

Even if you’re rejected initially, don’t give up on your dreams. The judges rejected Astaire because they didn’t understand his style–and he went on to be the most famous dancer of all time. Just because someone is higher up doesn’t mean they know all–and perhaps they just don’t get your style. Keep on reaching for the stars.

Photo by classic film scans

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