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Netflix Movies That Will Add To Your Life

by Kristen Fisher


From time to time we need to indulge in some Netflix chill time, however, we tend to neglect a small fact. What you watch can easily have an affected by your mood and either help or decrease any motivation you will need for the day. Below we will provide a list of inspiring, uplifting, thought-provoking and possibly quirky movies to brighten these cold winter days. For an added bonus, these films offer a new way of positive thinking that may help you out of the cold blues.

Now a few of these picks will be unconventional, however, they do serve a purpose. You’ll either be ready to get out of your house to head out on a new venture or quietly take in everything that you’ve just witnessed.

Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra Of Rock

Mick Rock who is known to virtually every rock musician from Freddie Mercury, Joan Jett and countless icons, shows us the meaning of Rock N’ Roll. How an evidently curious photographer captured history and how music became a mantra for living.

The Secret

This documentary tends to leave Netflix and return after a few months, nevertheless, you’ll probably be beaming at the end of it. The main synopsis of The Secret is positivity can allow you to further your ambitions. Also, the film is filled with gurus, teachers, spiritual faith healers, authors and my favorite speaker Lisa.

Footprints: The Path Of Your Life

This doc follows 10 men who decide to put their life on the line to conquer Camino de Santiago. A 40-day, 500-mile trail that sheds light on the inner strength of the human spirit.

Into The Wild

A feature film starring Emile Hirsch as Alex a.k.a. Christoper McCandless who was an idealistic man who literally was looking for the meaning of everything. In this case, it meant ditching any form of materialistic substances, walking or hitchhiking from state to state. Until finally reaching the destination of the Alaskan wilderness. While this film does not have a happy ending, there is a moral to the story, it’s all about how you interpret the ending.

Dead Poets Society

Cue Robin Williams being the literature teacher we all should have had, instead we will opt for this film. By teaching a group of young men the meaning of the written word and how poetry forever changed the way we view the world. More importantly, poetry evokes emotions only to be understood by the written word.

Steal A Pencil For Me

Even while incarcerated in the worse decade, within World War 2, Jack Polak and Ina Soep find each other while held in a Nazi concentration camp.

These films may provoke some tears so be sure to have a box of kleenex’s near by.


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