How Minimizing Your Wardrobe Can Greatly Improve Your Mood

Sounds a bit strange, especially with a new season upon us. However, when we all start to come out of the Winter months a great change is happening. One of them could be purging our wardrobe, or minimizing. Not because the temperature rises and we can wear a simple jacket instead of five, no it’s about decluttering for a better and eased mind. Yes, clutter can throw you off balance and can even lead to adding more to the clutter.


Yep. A cluttered wardrobe can cause frustration… every day before work. Whether this involves digging out a top that somehow ends up in the back. Or for a pair of slacks that fell off the hanger. Dealing with putting together an outfit when there are too many options can lead to frustration, which has already offset your morning.

They say don’t go to bed angry, well how about, don’t leave the house already frustrated because of a cluttered wardrobe.

For instance, Marie Kondō  crafted a book for that exact purpose and more available on Amazon, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Less Clutter, Means More Money Towards Experiences

Take that change jar next to the door or on your counter, and put it towards a vacation. Instead of buying and buying, why not try for a life-changing experience. Coming from a fashion-forward lover, this was hard to accept. Although the reward was with so much more, being able to save money instead of buying the latest outfit meant affording multiple plane tickets to various destinations. Have you been wanting to visit Rome, Paris, or Brazil?

Better Sleep

According to some individual studies, having less clutter means better sleeping habits. This could be based on how our own minds feel overwhelmed which, can be shown in reality. There is a big difference between being messy and collecting clutter. Trying out a minimalist approach could help towards a more restful night’s sleep.




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