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Living A High Vibe Life

by Kristen Fisher

Stop right there, you’re already asking what does the title mean? No, seriously what does “high vibe” life mean? As of late more and more spiritual guidance individuals have been falling into the limelight. No, not the “Miss Cleo” telephone operators (no offense to Miss Cleo, who I absolutely loved because well I was a pre-teen when her name was floating around), these individuals are about finding the best aspects of your life. Living to the fullest by simply being grateful for what you have, who you have, and what is to come.

One “high vibe” spiritual influencer is Gabrielle Bernstein or Gabby for short. I personally came across Gabby a few years back when I had hit the bottom of the barrel and needed advice. Any advice actually. Today Bernstein has become an internationally known phenomenon and what she has to say makes sense. Maybe it’s her common sense and own life struggles that resonate so well. Below is a video of Bernstein giving a little insight into “surrendering”.

The first name that comes to mind is Tony Robbins, who in reality has been go-to for actors in Hollywood. As a motivational speaker, Robbins somehow pushes you towards courage and motivation in a way that feels surreal. It could be a reaction to how he himself approaches life, whatever it may be Robbins is a clear, straightforward individual who tells it like it is.

Then there’s Devan Christine who takes your viewers on a journey through her own Law of Attraction ride. The Power of Positivity is the name of her series and Christine does the one thing “The Secret” kind of skips, which is explaining all the steps towards a high vibrational frequency.

Yes, a high vibe life is kind of a real thing. That is if you want to believe in a more positive life, then again that’s the thing. This is all about finding the gratitude in life, allowing the good to come into your life besides falling into a pit of despair.

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