Introvert or Extravert: Which Personality Type Are You?


Do you know whether you are an introvert or an extravert?

Some people know the answer to this question right away, while others need time to reflect on it.

But regardless of which personality type you are, knowing whether you’re an introvert or extravert can make all the different in your success at work and at home. Knowing your personality type can help you learn the best ways to recharge after a tough day, get energy in the middle of one, and think creatively when you need to.

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Are You an Introvert or Extravert?

To lead a successful life you have to fuel up. Even with a good night’s sleep and enough food, you may sometimes feel tired. The first thing to know about yourself is whether you are an introvert or extravert since this related to how you recharge your energy. This is also an important key that unlocks the place where you generate ideas.

There are plenty of misconceptions about who is an introvert and who is an extravert and it has nothing to do with how talkative you are.

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Simply, if you prefer time alone to reflect and contemplate new ideas, you are an Introvert. If you prefer to generate ideas by engaging with objects and people you are an Extravert.

At times in real life, we all have to function while being alone and other times by interacting with people…but our personality type is based on which one we prefer most of the time.

Once you know if you are an introvert or extravert, the key to increasing your vitality is to see your environment as the source of your power and your creativity. For all of us, being around people may be exciting at first but it puts a strain and a drain on the introvert’s battery. On the other hand, while we all like some “me” time, it’s engagement with people that charges extraverts.

Problem Solving for the Introvert or Extravert

The best way to come up with great ideas is to first find your comfort zone.

From within this position of strength you can gain the courage needed for being creative, taking some risks, and living an enhanced life.

Introverts and Extraverts approach obstacles in different ways. If you’re an extravert, to locate an alternative route, get close to the problem and find groups of people to talk through the issues and brainstorm.

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While brainstorming may work for extraverts, on the other hand, introverts prefer to take time to think —and their best idea may occur after contemplating.

If you’re an introvert, you prefer to solve problems through alone time (or with a few trusted friends). If it’s possible try taking a walk, away from the problem to work out your solutions.

Creativity Tips for the Introvert or Extravert

  • Seek out people and objects to interact with
  • Talk through your ideas with others
  • Get close to the problem
  • Sketch your ideas on paper so you can see them
  • Test your ideas in the real world
  • Find a quiet and private place to work
  • Step away from the problem
  • Take time to contemplate and process ideas
  • Share your ideas with a trusted group of friends
  • Write your ideas down to get them out of your head

The Takeaway

Knowing if you are an introvert or extravert is a vital first step in living a life that is full of energy, creativity, and honesty with yourself. So learn which personality type you are, and then follow these tips so you can be more successful professionally and personally.


david goldsteinDavid B. Goldstein, author of Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive, is a management consultant, artist, and researcher. He is Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® certified and, for the last six years, has researched and quantified the connections between creativity and psychological types. He is an internationally recognized artist, a researcher with a science and business background, and an entrepreneur for nearly 25 years.

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  1. STILL I find your guide confusing–
    “Simply, if you prefer time alone to reflect and contemplate new ideas, you are an Introvert. If you prefer to generate ideas by engaging with objects and people you are an Extravert.”
    What I needed to know here is not where the introvert likes to REFLECT on and CONTEMPLATE new ideas, but where it is the introvert GENERATES ideas on which to contemplate and reflect on privately???

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