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Get Pumped! 12 Inspiring Videos That Will Motivate You

by Sammy Nickalls

Sometimes, we all need a little pick-me-up.

And something as simple as a video can renew your motivation.

Well, guess what? We have not one, but 12 inspiring videos that will hopefully do just that!

These inspiring videos range from cute, to funny, to simply amazing…and we hope they will empower you to do what you need to do today, and more.

Great Videos That Will Inspire You

1. Your words have power. Check out these 20 things that we should say more often, from none other than Kid President.

2. If this guy doesn’t inspire you, nothing will:

3. Sometimes, it’s the simple things. There’s this spontaneous jamming session between complete strangers:

4. There’s this amazing proposal. If you’re low on time, skip to 3:00 to see all the work this man put into proposing to his love:

5. These high school seniors pull a great prank – but not in the way you’d think.

They decided to “prank it forward” by raising money, then giving this waiter who needed help with medical bills a big tip…over 500 bucks.

When he tried to give it back, the seniors said, “No, Combs High School is presenting this prank-it-forward to you because you deserve it”:

6. There’s also this great team of guys who came up with a brilliant idea to help those in need:

7. There’s this compilation of adorable ads that remind us how important teamwork really is:

8. But sometimes, it’s okay, and even empowering, to be alone:

9. It’s easy to feel like our actions don’t have an impact. This is a great video from Life Vest that shows us what we don’t see when we are kind to someone:

10. This is a video posted only a few weeks ago by a guy who got through his depression by filming himself exploring his hometown:

11. Because the world is truly beautiful when you stop and look:

12. And finally, we started with Kid President, so we’ll leave you with a pep talk from Kid President:


sammy nickallsSammy Nickalls is the former content manager of and is a freelance writer for various sites, including HelloGiggles, YourTango, Quickbooks, and TWLOHA. Follow her on Twitter @sammynickalls.

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