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5 Ways You Can Find Inspiration In Life (Even On Your Bad Days)

by Eric Benson

If you move the first letters of L.F.I.E. (Look For Inspiration Everywhere) around, you can make LIFE out of it.

And that is what most are looking for today: ways to have a better life. A life with more balanced happiness and joy, more time with your family, and more satisfaction at work.

One day a while back while I was running, it hit me like a ton of bricks: we have got to continually “Look For Inspiration Everywhere.”

When we do that it forces us to always keep our proverbial antennae up, and when we keep our antennae up it allows us to be cognizant of our surroundings so we are less apt to miss the important things (big or little). And those counts!

inspiration in life

When you look around and see things that amaze you, you tend to let that affect your entire day in a more positive way. You find inspiration in life. And things just naturally start going better.

More and more studies are showing we can help improve ourselves, our potential and lessen our risks of depression and sickness by simple daily choices.

How? Here are a few ways.

How To Always Be Inspired

1. Do something—anything!

Find something that pumps you up outside of your real job or profession. Time goes by far too quickly, so don’t wind up living with regrets. Find the inspiration in life.

For me, it started with my daughter and her anxiety issues and spread from there. I realized it was time to be a better man, a better father—a better person. And I set out to do just that.

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I chose to make conscious decisions regularly about my health, my parenting, and my overall focus on life. I slowed down and spent more time on the important things, which included family and friends. The results were amazing.

2. Find something that you can be proud of to speak with the passion to anyone, anywhere. 

What is going to help you be fulfilled and feel like you’re making a difference?

Not only does giving back feel better at the time, but when you make this a habit, it becomes a way of life. That difference is what changes the world.

Start giving back, or figure out ways to partner with others who already are doing so. It’s easier than you think and feels great every step of the way.

3. Get help

It’s amazing what you can do with the help of great people. Enlist people in whatever you are trying to do.

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If you believe in something worthwhile and can speak passionately about your cause, people will gravitate towards you. You discover that people truly do want to get involved to help a good cause.

4. Don’t quit!

Often times it will seem so easy to quit. And most do before the real magic happens.

Even when times look bad, focus on the end game and focus on all you can achieve if you don’t give up. Soon, you will realize you are achieving those goals.

The more time, effort, and energy you put into something you believe in, the easier it becomes to stick with it. Get your skin in the game and commit to following through even when it gets challenging.

5. Just own it

Wherever or whoever you are—just own it! Realize what you are and accept it. The quicker we can own where we are in life the faster we can move toward something positive.

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Be proud of all you are doing and accomplishing. This makes you want to do more of the same to get that great positive feeling.

The Takeaway

Life is just too good and too short not to give it to the fullest. And when challenges arise, always remember that when life gives you lemons, a nice glass of lemonade is around the corner. Find the inspiration in life, and you won’t regret it.


eric - 2014Eric Benson is the author of the Squeezed book series and care packages that promote happy, healthy, inspired lifestyles available on Squeezed and Amazon. He is also an inspirational and motivational speaker available for corporate and speaking engagements or radio and TV interviews. Follow him on Facebook or connect with him at [email protected].

Photo by massimo ankor

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