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Infographic: Want to Lose Weight? Get Some Shut-Eye!

by Sammy Nickalls

Have you been trying to lose weight, but it’s just not working no matter how hard you try?

If your answer is yes, let us ask you another question…how have you been sleeping?

If you think those two questions aren’t connected, think again. If you aren’t getting enough shut-eye a night, or if your sleep is often interrupted and fitful, then it’s going to be considerably more difficult for you to get those pounds off–and practically impossible for you to keep them off.

In fact, getting less than 5.5 hours a night will make it 55% harder to lose weight…and if you only sleep for 6 hours a night, then it could result in an extra 14 pounds by the end of the year that you wouldn’t normally have. If you sleep less than that, well, it’s not good news.

For more information, Sleep Genius just created a great infographic to explain exactly how sleeping patterns are essential in the fight to lose weight. Check out why you should work on getting a good night’s sleep every night to keep your body fit and healthy.

Infographic_Sleep and Weight loss[1]


Featured image by Richard Stewart James Gaston

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