Improve Yourself: 5 Ways To Be Happy And Healthy This Fall

Whether you’re in the Florida Keys or landlocked in the Midwest, you’re likely to experience the effects of seasonal changes during the autumn months at least somewhat.

Here in ol’ Indiana, we get to see four beautiful seasons, fall being my absolute favorite. I realize, however, that not everyone agrees with me on this.

Many see autumn as being the beginning of the death of everything around us (depressing!), and worse than that, the end of summer.

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While we may not be able to control the climate, we can control our attitudes about it.

If you take the time now to begin a healthy attitude throughout the winter months, you’ll find that your approach will likely hold out until spring. So instead of hunkerin’ down and praying for daylight, look at autumn as an opportunity to improve yourself.

How To Rebuild Yourself This Fall

1. Set a monthly health goal.

The holiday season creeps up on us at the same time each year, complete with family, friends, and food. Tons, and tons, and tons of delicious food.

A lot of people tend to give in to this, and then they gain fifteen pounds, which they’re then stressed out about in the spring.

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The solution? Get your head in the game now. Don’t fall out of your good habits. Just because it’s getting cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t exercise indoors.

If you set yourself a monthly goal, and continue to improve yourself through the winter months, you’ll find yourself healthy and happy on the other side of winter.

2. Remain positive.

When you’re stepping on crackling leaves underfoot, and even the bugs are flying the coop for the winter, summer-lovers may start feeling a little blue.

Instead of feeling blue about this time of year, look around and decide you’re not going to accept a negative attitude anymore.

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Pretty soon, those leaves and bugs will be just part of your environment, and they won’t be able to influence your moods.

3. Work even harder towards your goals.

By challenging the natural order of things, you are challenging yourself to live beyond even your own expectations.

When the autumn season sets in, life begins to slow down. Your challenge from me: don’t let it slow you down!

If the world is operating at 100% in the spring and summer months, say “bring it on” to the nay-sayers, and prove that you can operate at 100% in the winter—even when the cool kids aren’t doing it.

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The funny thing about those cool kids? If you start now, they’ll be really jealous of you in January.

4. Determine the area of your life you want to improve on most—then set a goal.

Rebuilding yourself can take multiple forms: rebuilding your attitude, your life, your relationships, your lifestyle, etc.

Find just one to focus on, and the rest will fall in place.

For example, your goal may be to become more organized. Once you’ve finished that task, you’ll find yourself automatically organizing other parts of your life, you may start eating healthier, and you’ll be a great role model for yourself and those around you.

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5. Do some fall cleaning—of your life.

By pushing negativity out of your life, you’ll automatically be more content and happy with your surroundings. If you find yourself in the presence of people who are depressed and constantly complain about the changing of the seasons, you’ll find that the negativity will brush off on you.

When that happens, you end up right back where you started: complacent.

My point? Improve yourself by changing your environment. Don’t let the negativity get you down. Get out of the situation as soon as you can, or just daydream for a minute. Don’t let the negativity ruin the forward motion of your life.

Just as it’s up to you to create your own destiny, it’s Negative Nancy’s job to worry about her own destiny. Maybe one of these days, she’ll realize you were on the right track the whole time.

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The Takeaway

If you’re a summer-lover, even though it may feel like the common response to the winter months, don’t allow yourself to go down into a hyper-negative hole and hide until spring.

Face the music (or snowflakes), keep your head up, and decide to make some changes to improve yourself. It’s just a single season change out of the many years of your life.

You can either decide to let it get you down, or you can show it who’s boss, stuff it in the sock drawer, grab a pumpkin spice latte, and plan to tackle the cooler months with a vengeance. If you choose the latter, save a latte for me. Extra shot, because I have a lot of organizing to do this winter.


AudraAudra Dittlinger is a contributor for, as well as a full-time working mom living in rural Indiana. She is an insurance professional with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She writes to create, inspire, and empower.

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