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Save Your Favorite Sneakers With These Easy Tips

by Zach Rogers

We have discussed ways to extend the lifespan of dress shoes and running shoes, but what about just your regular, everyday, normal sneakers? What precautionary steps can you take that will ensure that your favorite pair of kicks will stay with you for a long time?


Although it may seem silly, how you put on and take off your shoes does actually matter when it comes to wear and tear. If you are the type of person who is always in a hurry, then you probably just shove your feet into your shoes as quickly as possible and then rip them off as soon as you get home. This can damage the fabrics of your sneakers and reduce their life expectancy considerably.

By shoving your feet into your sneakers without untying them or even by just forcing your heel into the sneaker, you are squashing the back of the sneaker and causing it unneeded duress. By using a shoe horn, a tool you would usually see promoted in shoe stores so that the merchandise isn’t ruined when customers try them on, you can reduce the wear and tear your heel causes on the back of your sneakers. You can also use two fingers to accomplish the same task by simply sliding them into the back of the sneaker to help ease the rest of your foot into them.

While it may be easy to kick off your sneakers after a hard day of work, not properly untying your sneakers will stretch not only the laces but the tongue as well. Laces are more easily replaced but the tongue of the sneaker is a large component of how comfortably the sneaker fits, and if that becomes misaligned or damaged the you can have a hard day on your feet.

David G. Mitchell, a contributor to, stresses that wearing socks with your sneakers is very important as the sweat from your feet contributes greatly to the breakdown of the inside of your sneakers, and you will slowly lose that secure fit fell that new sneakers always have.

Mitchell also suggests that you invest in shoe trees, which are used to reinforce the shape of the sneaker when you aren’t wearing them. Shoe trees will help you preserve the shape of your sneakers and will also absorb and reduce any odors that may exist.

Also, if you lift your feet when you walk instead of dragging them you will see that the treads will not wear off as quickly, so be wary of this if you find yourself to be a shuffler.

Proper maintenance also includes protecting your sneakers from water and mud as well as your family pet. Sneakers can only take so much abuse and making sure that they don’t go under any unneeded stress is important. If you do happen to get them dirty, then simply use a toothbrush and some soapy water to lightly clean them off, and after you have cleansed the sneakers simply stuff some newspapers or other absorbent material inside of them so that they can dry properly while retaining their form.

Your shoes can say a lot about you, so show that you are a responsible individual by properly taking care of your sneakers.

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