Mindfulness, Where Do I Start?

Becoming mindful is about becoming aware, aware of your surroundings and most importantly, aware of what you are doing. This involves sitting down to eat by noticing the texture, color and the way an entrée tastes. All of this may seem a bit odd, but face it when is the last time you truly enjoyed or immersed yourself in a moment? How does one achieve mindfulness?

First off mindfulness comes from Buddhism. Mindfulness is a way of being, existing and experiencing life.

There are a few steps one can take towards understanding and achieving mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about becoming present in the moment. Not only is this action harder to achieve on a daily basis, but, consider this a necessity to include into your everyday life.

A few steps to take:

  • Take a few minutes out of your morning, lunch break, or in the evening to take 5 deep breathes.
  • Throughout the day, notice what you are doing. Whether you’re holding a pen, a phone, sitting outside or waiting in line. Take note of your surroundings, truly look at the decor on the walls, the floor you are standing on.
  • After taking note, center yourself. Try a breathing mantra to re-center.
  • Allow your thoughts to float by, daydream, then after some time bring your thoughts back to your breath.
  • Becoming mindful is essentially a form of meditation.
  • Notice sensations, scents, tastes, tactile and auditory elements.

The biggest obstacle will be conscious of when you zone out. Is this in meetings, driving, walking, jogging or some other activity? Enjoy every bit of your life even the boring aspects.

So the question comes in, why would anyone want to become mindful? Truly this becomes a mental journey towards mindful intentions, which can relieve anxiety and mental stress.

There is a well-known course called Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction which originated in the 1970s. Most noteworthy, the course helps to counteract negative thoughts, where some individuals struggle with day to day. In addition, mindful-based stress reduction meditations can be paired with cognitive therapy if needed.

Furthermore, mindfulness has a clear standpoint and it’s starting to change the way people live their lives.




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