Touchdown! How To Have A Healthy Super Bowl (And Still Have Fun)

Whether you’re an avid football fan or just there for the fun, Super Bowl Sunday is the one day the year we set aside those resolutions and spend the day indulging in the football fare of wings, nachos, beer and burgers as we root on our choice team.

Now that we know the Patriots and Seahawks are our choice teams, Super Bowl prep is kicked into high gear! Super Bowl Sunday can be a lot of fun, but for those trying to keep their healthy eating and weight loss on track, it can be hard to avoid the greasy-good temptation.

healthy superbowl

But don’t fall off the wagon! There are so many great recipes, workouts, tips, and tricks that will keep you away from the high-calorie temptations and focused on the real reason for celebration: the football game.

Below, I’ve outlined some of my go-to ways to have a healthy Super Bowl while keeping your waistline—and overall health—intact.

How To Stay Healthy During The Super Bowl

1. Try out some sneaky substitutions or meal makeovers

Just because you’re serving up game-day favorites doesn’t mean they need to be unhealthy! If you’re hosting the party, it’s a great time to incorporate homemade favorites with healthier alternatives.

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Serve up a plate of veggies and hummus or a “make-your-own” nacho bar, so you can nix the cheese and focus instead on the avocado and veggies, making your own version. Try out a turkey chili and serve roasted veggies or healthier appetizers.

If you’re attending a party, offer to bring an appetizer or two that you love and is on the healthier side, so you won’t be tempted.

2. Make it buffet-style

Here’s a great healthy Super Bowl tip: instead of piling the food in front of the TV, make the day a buffet-style food fest in another room. Making yourself and guests get up and grab food will help them mindlessly munch during the game, while allowing them to stretch their legs and get some walking in.

This tactic will not only help cut down on snacking, but won’t make food the center of the day—instead, football will be the focus.

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3. Make the day a workout

This is something I love to do when the grandkids come over to watch the game! Instead of sitting for hours watching the game, make it into a little competition. Split Patriots and Seahawk fans (or if everyone’s on the same team, split the room) and make every touchdown, down, penalty or fumble some type of easy-to-maneuver workout move.

This will get people up and moving, and incorporate everyone in the room (even the not-so-savvy football fans) into having fun! This is the challenge I love to use with my family and friends:

John’s Super Bowl Sunday Fitness Challenge

  • Quarterback Sack= 10 Crunches
  • Field Goal= 10 Lunge
  • First Down= 10 High Knees
  • Fumble= 10 Push Ups
  • Penalty = 1-Minute Plank
  • Celebration= 30-Second Touchdown Dance

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4. Portion your plate

The food feast can seem overwhelming at first glance, so find your favorites and try to portion your plate with protein, greens and some (healthy) carbs. Getting your servings will fill you up and allow you to sample a little bit of everything.

5. Plan your attack

I get it—sometimes, you just can’t say no to the wings or beer. If that’s the case, then make a plan of attack for your food intake before you start piling your plate. Take a lap around the table and see what you really want to eat, then go for it.

I do advise, though, that you make sure you understand it’s an indulgence, and therefore we shouldn’t overeat it and pair it with some healthier alternatives!

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The day is also about having fun, and planning for indulgences will keep you on track. One day will not kill you; it is what you do all the time that will make the difference!

6. Get back on track

If you don’t have such a healthy Super Bowl, and you did take the time to indulge a bit, don’t worry! Just make sure the next day your health habits are back on track. Your resolutions (and waistline) will be grateful!


John-RowleyJohn Rowley is a health and wellness expert who helps people transform their bodies while finding their passion, purpose and drive for success. With his tell-it-like-it-is attitude, John inspires others and changes lives by restoring physical, mental and spiritual health to help lead  a better life. Rowley is the author of the best-selling books The Power of Positive Fitness and Climb Your Ladder of Success Without Running Out of Gas.

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